Executive compensation

Report Jan. 5, 2021

Executive compensation


ExxonMobil differentiates compensation for executives based on a rigorous annual individual performance assessment that considers several key factors, including results in the areas of safety, security, health and environment, corporate governance, diversity and other goals pertinent to company financial and operating performance.

Performance share awards for our most senior executives have restriction periods that far exceed typical three-year vesting. Long restriction periods make long-term shareholders out of our executives and effectively align their pay to the returns of long-term shareholders. Unvested performance share awards do not accelerate upon retirement and remain at risk of forfeiture. Extended restriction periods incentivize executive commitment to the company’s long-term success.

2019  performance and initiatives

ExxonMobil’s executive compensation program rewards effective risk management, contribution to operational integrity and sustainable growth in shareholder value. The chief executive officer, named executive officers and more than 1,000 other company executives in the United States participate in a common compensation program. ExxonMobil’s compensation committee carefully considers shareholder feedback on executive compensation. During the 2019 proxy season, the advisory vote on executive compensation received support of 92 percent of votes cast.