Lower-emission fuels

Continuing to reduce emissions today and into the future

We have a long history of producing traditional fuels. So, we are channeling that expertise to make LEFs that can reduce emissions for our customers, however they travel - by land, sea or air.

Reducing emissions across all sectors


Hitting the road with fewer emissions: the innovations fueling today’s products and tomorrow’s solutions. Learn more


Heavy duty with a lighter CO2 footprint: moving the world’s goods with fewer emissions. Learn more


Lower emissions at high altitude: new solutions from takeoff to touchdown.

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High science on the high seas: advancing new technologies for lower-emission fuels. Learn more

What is co-processing and why is it critical to a low-carbon future?

Co-processing makes transportation fuels with lower lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It's a technology we have today that can quickly increase production of these lower-emission fuels for road transportation, aviation and marine shipping.

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