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Let's discuss: reducing America's emissions At the UN summit this month in New York, and frankly anywhere climate is discussed these days, one word keeps popping up: “accelerate.” Because there’s a growing recognition that the world needs need bigger, bolder solutions – ones that deliver a lot of emissions-savings in a hurry, in a way that people can afford. 

Low Carbon Solutions Viewpoints Sept. 26, 2023

Diversity of supply - your key to energy security
  • A diversified energy portfolio is essential to ensuring energy security.
  • Diversity of sources and supplies offers insurance against supply disruptions and other hazards.
  • Asia's recent embrace of LNG provides a security roadmap other regions should follow.

Energy supply Blog Sept. 21, 2023

Ready to triple earnings? Our Product Solutions business is. Today, we held a Product Solutions spotlight at our Houston campus. And the takeaway was simple: Our Product Solutions business is on track to nearly triple earnings by 2027.

What we do Article Sept. 20, 2023

A big day in the UK for carbon capture and storage ExxonMobil’s latest milestone in carbon capture and storage (CCS) comes from the UK North Sea, where we were a winner in the UK’s first-ever carbon storage licensing round.

Low Carbon Solutions News releases Sept. 19, 2023