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Baton Rouge

About ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge

Around the globe and right here in Louisiana, ExxonMobil is taking on the world’s toughest energy challenges.

As one of the largest refining and petrochemical complexes in the world, our Baton Rouge operations are a key part of supplying the fuels and chemical products that make modern life possible, like lightweight car parts, diapers and synthetic rubber.

ExxonMobil has proudly operated in the Baton Rouge area for more than 115 years, beginning with Baton Rouge Refinery in 1909. Since that time, ExxonMobil has made generational investments in Louisiana, setting the foundation today to grow opportunities for tomorrow.

As four generations of local families know, ExxonMobil is a great place to work and build a lifelong career. Our past successes and current strengths stem from the commitment, experience and capabilities of our workforce of 6,000 people.

sunrise at our Baton Rouge complex

Our facilities

An overview:


The Refinery manufactures about 300 products and grades of products, including motor gasoline, diesel, aviation gasoline, lubricating oils, waxes, petroleum coke, liquefied petroleum gas and chemical feedstock.

Chemical plant

The Chemical Plant manufactures products to produce end products such as isopropyl alcohol, rubber liner for tires, adhesives and more.

Plastics plant

The Plastics Plant produces low-density polyethylene for plastic films, molding, adhesives, automotive hoses, belts, seals and bumpers, roofing sheets, non-woven products and more.

Polyolefins plant

The Polyolefins Plant produces high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) for end products such as milk containers, recyclable food containers, carpet backing, diapers, surgical/hospital gowns, lightweight auto parts and more.

Aviation and lubricants plant

The modern blending, packaging, and warehouse operation provides engine oils, industrial lubricants, aviation piston and process oils to many ExxonMobil customers throughout the world.


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Supporting our community and investing in initiatives that make a difference.

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ExxonMobil Neighbor News

A publication for neighbors, employees and retirees in the Baton Rouge area.

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Developing our workforce

ExxonMobil invests in our workforce at all stages of students’ careers, from elementary school through college and continuing education.
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Growing the economy

When companies invest in the Baton Rouge area, the entire community benefits.
Monte Sano Bayou cleanup

Protecting our environment

ExxonMobil has been a proud community partner and environmental steward in the Baton Rouge area for more than 115 years.
Baton Rouge's Katie Jennings on facility tour

Valuing safety above all

Safety is fundamental at our facilities, where we have a simple goal: “Nobody gets hurt.”

Contact information

We work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers, follow through on our commitment to safety and continually engage partners in the Baton Rouge area communities.

Contact us with concerns at the following phone numbers:

Public Affairs Hotline for Questions or Concerns
+1 (225) 977-8393 — An ExxonMobil representative will return your call.

+1 (225) 977-1179 — Security will take message and forward appropriately.