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Affordable and reliable energy is at the core of every key measure of human development, and as described in our Global Outlook, the global population is expected to increase by 25% by 2050.1

Our Advancing Climate Solutions report describes what we are doing to tackle head-on the challenge of strengthening energy supply and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working to create sustainable solutions to do even more to help protect people, the environment, and the communities where we operate. 


1This is how the global population has changed in the last 200 years | World Economic Forum (

  • Expanding the plastics life cycle

    Plastics make modern life possible. Surgical devices, cell phones, computers, vehicles, packaging that protects and preserves food, and personal protective equipment – all rely on plastics.
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    Expanding the plastics life cycle Expanding the plastics life cycle
  • Progressing product safety

    ExxonMobil aims to provide the energy and products the world needs in a way that helps to protect human health and the environment.
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    Progressing product safety Progressing product safety
  • Supporting a just transition

    As described in our Global Outlook, economic development and energy use are inseparable.
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    Supporting a just transition Supporting a just transition

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