Valuing safety above all

Safety is fundamental at our facilities, where we have a simple goal: “Nobody gets hurt.”

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The safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and the surrounding community is our core value. We believe that no business objective is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety. We strive for an incident-free workplace and a culture that complies with our clear and simple objective: Nobody Gets Hurt. It is a vision through which our employees and contractors accept personal accountability for their own safety and are willing to intervene to ensure the safety of all.

Loss Prevention System

ExxonMobil Baton Rouge integrates the Loss Prevention System (LPS) safety program into employee and contractor work processes. LPS is a system to prevent or reduce losses using behavior-based tools and proven management techniques. Along with LPS, long standing committees like the Joint Health and Safety Committee, Department Safety Committees, and others meet regularly to discuss safety and health issues.

Emergency preparedness

In addition to our efforts to prevent incidents, we maintain a strong response capability to operational emergencies, should they occur.

We place a great emphasis on training for effective response and the Baton Rouge area Emergency Response Organization consists of the following groups:

  • Plant Superintendents: manage emergency operations
  • All unit personnel: trained in handling emergencies
  • Primary Fire Squad: handles fires in early stages
  • Volunteer Fire Brigade: responds if more help is needed
  • Rescue Squad: provides rescue in elevated areas and confined space. The team participates in the National Industrial Rescue Training Competition and other national competitions each year.
  • Emergency Medical Team (EMT): provides immediate life support
  • Chemical Network Response Team (CHEMNET): provides hazardous materials response
  • Emergency Local Interfunctional Response Team (ELIRT): handles oil spills

To sharpen professional skills, we annually conduct simulated emergencies and participate in training provided by the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System.