Advancing climate solutions - 2022 progress report, July update

Investing $15 billion in lower-emission opportunities

Sustainable solutions

Over the next six years, ExxonMobil plans to invest more than $15 billion on initiatives to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

A significant share is focused on scaling up carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and biofuels. Stronger policy further accelerates development and deployment of lower-emission technologies, and would provide ExxonMobil additional investment opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Company's robust research and development process, continued evaluation of emerging technologies, and global collaborations will be key to identifying and growing lower-emission opportunities.

The Company’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through 2030 compared to 2016 levels support its net-zero ambition.

The plans are expected to result in a 20-30% reduction in corporate-wide greenhouse gas intensity, including reductions of 40-50% in upstream intensity, 70-80% in methane intensity and 60-70% in flaring intensity.