Transparency and anti-corruption

We are committed to preventing corruption, complying with all legal requirements, operating with the highest ethical business practices and communicating openly with transparent processes.

Article Oct. 31, 2018

Man receiving compensation payment.
Photo — A grievance management mechanism along with a fair and transparent compensation process maintains dialogue and good relations with the communities.

Strengthened accountability, good governance and compliance promote greater economic stability in the countries in which we operate, and is consistent with ExxonMobil’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Transparent communications and processes (i.e., hiring, procurement of goods and services, fair and timely compensation for land use/damages, and grievances) are instrumental in gaining and maintaining public and government trust.

Ethics and high standards of business conduct are at the heart of ExxonMobil’s business success and are a part of every employee’s job expectations.

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Transparent operations

Our refinery and petrochemical facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, works with the local communities in a transparent manner.

We engage the community through our ExxonMobil Community Dialogue and Partnership Panel that regularly meets to provide candid feedback to local ExxonMobil management about neighborhood concerns. We publish a quarterly newsletter to address flaring and aquifer use, publicize community outreach projects and share our annual environmental performance report. We also provide employee-led plant tours for student groups and hold site tours and operational briefings for local and state leaders, government officials and the media. Community members can access updated information on current operations every day of the year through a dedicated information phone line.

Read our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

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Community relations

Understanding and addressing the interests of societies and communities where we work is an important component of maintaining a successful and sustainable business.

Community Article Oct. 31, 2018

Workers in neon vests gathered around a table for a meeting

Land use and resettlement

We seek to implement fair, transparent and collaborative processes to assess and manage the restoration of households — including their livelihoods — when our activities result in physical or economic displacement.

Community Article Oct. 31, 2018