Environmental protection

Environmental initiatives

ExxonMobil considers risk at every stage of development, and we continuously work to manage environmental impacts.

Protecting the environment

Understanding the impacts of our operations

Reliable and affordable energy is essential to human progress. At the same time – like all industrial processes – energy development involves risk. Our approach is guided by an in-depth scientific understanding of the environmental impacts of our operations and a commitment to develop, maintain and operate projects using effective management systems, processes and appropriate standards.

Our Operations Integrity Management System is the framework that helps put our Corporate Environment Policy into action by establishing common worldwide expectations for addressing environmental risks.

Environmental management process

Environmental management process
As illustrated in the graphic above, we employ structured environmental management processes across a project’s life cycle to ensure we effectively understand and address potential impacts from our operations.
Seismic exploration

Sound and the preservation of marine life

Safeguarding ocean dwellers is a top priority for ExxonMobil’s marine projects and depends upon learnings from years of academic research and careful operations.
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Tracking methane from above ExxonMobil is setting out to change how the industry tracks, and fixes, methane leaks. Earlier this year, ExxonMobil submitted its application to the Environmental Protection Agency to use aerial technology as a new model regulatory framework for detecting methane.

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ExxonMobil tests advanced recycling of plastic waste at Baytown facilities IRVING, Texas – ExxonMobil has completed the initial phase of a plant trial of a proprietary advanced recycling process for converting plastic waste into raw materials for production of high-value polymers. The trial, at the company’s existing facilities in Baytown, Texas, marks another step in ExxonMobil’s efforts to help reduce plastic waste in the environment and maximize resource recovery.

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