Climate Lobbying Report


ExxonMobil undertakes lobbying in order to advocate our positions on issues that affect our Corporation, the energy industry, and overall competitive free markets

We have a responsibility to our shareholders, employees, customers, and communities to represent their interests in public policy discussions that are related to our industry and impact our business.

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Climate policy principles

ExxonMobil has supported the goals of the Paris Agreement since its inception, and has consistently voiced support for U.S. participation in the agreement

We have also actively engaged with government officials to encourage remaining in the Paris Agreement.
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trade associations

ExxonMobil provides support to a variety of trade associations, think tanks and coalitions in order to promote informed dialogue and sound public policy in areas relevant to the Corporation’s interests and operations

These areas include a wide range of topics, among them: corporate governance, environment (including climate change), education, economic development, fiscal policy, international trade, labor/pension matters, civil justice reform, public health, regulatory issues, sustainability and workplace safety.
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case study

American Petroleum Institute

While this report focuses on the climate-related lobbying activities and policy positions of trade associations, it is important to note the broad range of issues that they engage on.

Assessment methodology and results

For many years, ExxonMobil has worked to align the advocacy positions of trade associations with the company’s climate lobbying principles

In recent years due in part to our efforts, several trade associations we have had leadership positions in, such as the American Petroleum Institute and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have taken positions more closely aligned with our views on climate change. Where we have not been able to make progress, and when an organization is no longer a constructive participant in the development and advancement of effective climate policy, we have withdrawn our membership. This was the case with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in 2018.
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