The hydrogen highway

Net zero is a destination. Getting there will take many roads and innovative ideas.

 Innovative ideas like the hydrogen highway: a blueprint for lower-emission transportation. A partnership between industry and government. And potentially, a game-changer for interstate travel.

 And ExxonMobil is in for the ride.

 We’re part of a GTI Energy-led group working to develop a network of hydrogen fueling stations for long-haul trucking along U.S. Interstate 10, from Houston to Los Angeles, as well as what’s known as the “Texas Triangle” along interstates 10, 35 and 45 between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.

“The idea is to create a detailed blueprint that will be nationally scalable and investment ready,” said Cate Kehn, our global hydrogen mobility market developer.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded the group a $1.25 million research grant earlier this year to progress the project over the next two years. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and the University of Texas are also partners in the project, along with selected fuel retailers, truck manufacturers and community organizations.

Cate says partnerships with government, academia, research groups and other industries will be critical to help reduce emissions “It’s going to take all of us,” she said.  

Watch the video to learn more.​

 We’re already one of the largest hydrogen companies in the world, producing more than a million metric tons each year for use in our refining and chemical operations. We are progressing plans to build the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas, at planned start-up. 

 For more information about our efforts to help reduce emissions in hard-to-decarbonize sectors, visit the Industrial Solutions section of our website.

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