Community engagement and grievance management



Community engagement and grievance management


ExxonMobil works collaboratively and transparently with local communities to promote positive, long-term relationships.

Management and application

We consult with local groups and individuals regularly and we seek to have our stakeholders effectively represented as community concerns are discussed and decisions are made. Our engagement process is tailored to local communities to help provide effective, accessible and culturally appropriate channels for exchanging information and proactively identifying issues or concerns. Examples of activities in our engagement process include open houses, community gatherings and individual meetings.

By integrating the results of these discussions into our decisions, we can help avoid or reduce potential impacts on communities, enhance benefits, support effective investments, avoid delays and resolve issues at the local level.

Our ongoing community engagement includes a grievance management process that provides a diverse set of platforms for individuals or communities to raise concerns. They include direct, in-person and electronic engagement and the use of third-party proxies such as civil society organizations and nongovernmental associations. We dedicate personnel to map, track, analyze, respond to and resolve community grievances in a timely manner in a way that seeks to support confidentiality and non-retaliation.

Our grievance management practices are guided by the World Bank International Finance Corporation and Ipieca, the global oil and gas association whose goal it is to advance environmental and social performance across the energy transition.

For more information on how our processes and practices for stakeholder engagement and grievance management support our integrated approach to human rights due diligence, see the section on Human Rights.


New facilities for Angore communities

Cooperation among community members, local landowners and ExxonMobil PNG Limited, as Operator of PNG LNG Project (EMPNG) has resulted in the construction of three haus wins and the installation of nine rainwater catchment tanks across 12 Angore communities. A haus win is a sheltered community meeting place with a water tank for the provision of fresh rainwater. These new facilities are providing community meeting places and easier access to clean water for people who live and work in Angore and surrounding communities. Previously, Angore area families had to walk significant distances to collect water for their households, with limited access to a clean water supply. EMPNG also provided new sanitation facilities to Tugupawi Primary School in the Angore area to replace facilities damaged from the 2018 earthquake. EMPNG also worked with the Angore community during 2020 to engage two buses now used to safely transport Angore children to school.  

PNG LNG 2020 Annual Report
Teine clan community ‘haus win’ opening in Angore.