Let’s deliver on low emissions

Let’s deliver on low emissions


Our solutions

  • Carbon capture and storage

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is proven technology that can capture large volumes of CO2 emissions from industrial sources and store them underground, safely and permanently. 

  • Hydrogen

    Hydrogen produces zero greenhouse gas emissions at its point of use. It's also versatile - suitable for power generation, trucking, and heat-intensive industries like steel and chemicals.

  • Lithium

    Lithium is a key component of electric vehicle batteries, and we plan to become a leading supplier of lithium using a modern process that has significantly less environmental impact than traditional mining.

  • Lower-emission fuels

    Lower-emission fuels (LEF) made from renewable sources - like vegetable oils and agricultural waste - can reduce emissions from trucks and other forms of commercial transportation.

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    Low Carbon Solutions

    Low Carbon Solutions is helping to lower emissions by providing solutions to our industrial and commercial customers in growing markets for carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and lower-emission fuels.

    Explore more

    • Advancing Climate Solutions Report

      Our Advancing Climate Solutions Report describes our resolve to drive meaningful change, the results we’re already delivering, and the resiliency of our plans under a wide range of future scenarios.

    • Sustainability Report

      Our Sustainability Report highlights how we manage our business to create value for our stakeholders, not just for the next quarter or the next year, but for the long run.

    • Global Outlook

      Our Global Outlook is our latest view of energy demand and supply dynamics through 2050, underpinned by a deep understanding of long-term fundamentals. It forms the basis for our business planning and the two other reports.