Sneak preview: our new lithium business

Key takeaways:

  • New animated video highlights our lithium plan in Arkansas
  • We'll look to tap brine deep underground, produce lithium above ground
  • Less environmental impact than current methods

Want to visualize what our new lithium business might look like?

Check out this two-minute animated video about our plan in southwest Arkansas. 

This video “debuted” at the recent Lithium Innovation Summit in Little Rock. We’re sharing it to help promote a broader understanding of how we plan to deliver more lithium for electric vehicles, with less environmental impact than current methods.

Some of this work is already underway. We can work fast because the skills and technologies needed to produce lithium from deep brines (like those in Arkansas) are very similar to ones we’ve honed over decades in our oil and gas business. Production is targeted to begin in 2027.

Animations in this video are for illustration purposes only.


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