The heat is on: Getting industry hydrogen-ready

Key takeaways:

  • ExxonMobil and Zeeco, Inc. are joining forces to market industrial burners that can run on up to 100% hydrogen.
  • The new burners can help industrial customers significantly reduce emissions as they explore fuel switching from natural gas to hydrogen.

High heat. Low emissions. A simple concept that’s a big deal. 

ExxonMobil is joining forces with Zeeco, Inc. to market industrial burners for manufacturing facilities that can run on up to 100% hydrogen.

Why is this important? The new burners, paired with the low-carbon hydrogen we’re planning to produce in Baytown, Texas, could help industrial customers significantly reduce their emissions as they explore fuel switching from natural gas to hydrogen. 

We’re talking about leading the way -- helping industries get hydrogen-ready,” said Mark Klewpatinond, our global hydrogen business manager.

Hydrogen is emerging as a key element in the energy transition because when it’s used as a fuel, no carbon dioxide (CO2) is released at the point of combustion. 

Replacing more natural gas with hydrogen as a fuel for industrial burners could lead to a widespread reduction in emissions at manufacturing operations worldwide. 

It’s an exciting opportunity to reduce emissions on a grand scale. And we’re our own first customer. We’ve started installing them at our  Baytown manufacturing complex, with plans to roll out the new burners at our sites globally in the coming years. 

What's an industrial burner? 

Picture the burner on your home stove, but with a surface about 10 times larger on a structure that’s six feet high.

These types of burners are vital to nearly all manufacturing facilities, producing the high heat needed to make products we use every day, like fuels, plastics and paper. 

A longtime partnership evolves

ExxonMobil and Zeeco, longtime partners in developing cutting-edge technology, have consistently embraced new challenges to help meet society’s net zero goals. 

“Our partnership, built on trust and innovation, is evolving with the energy transition,” said Hector Ayala, one of our lead engineers who works with Zeeco. “Together, we’re developing real solutions for real customers seeking to lower their emissions,” he said. 

ExxonMobil is already one of the leading hydrogen producers in the world, generating more than a million metric tons each year for use in our refining and chemical operations. Our planned project in Baytown will be the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen facility at start-up.

Learn more about our low-carbon hydrogen solutions for businesses. 

Learn more about our deal with Zeeco. 


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