Transforming transportation

Powering the future of transportation

Transforming transportation

High-performance sustainability

Today, transportation accounts for about 25 percent of CO2 emissions.  We offer a range of products that improve performance, durability and efficiency to drive down emissions.

The vital task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the transportation sector requires a range of solutions. Discover the lower-emission fuel (LEF) alternatives we’re working on to help power the future of transportation.

Reducing emissions across all sectors

  • Aviation

    Lower emissions at high altitude: new solutions from takeoff to touchdown.

  • Automotive

    Hitting the road with fewer emissions: the innovations fueling today’s products and tomorrow’s solutions.

  • Trucking

    Heavy duty with a lighter CO2 footprint: moving the world’s goods with fewer emissions.

  • Shipping

    High science on the high seas: advancing new technologies for lower-emission fuels.


    Lithium is a key component of electric vehicle batteries. And to meet projected growth in EVs, the world will need a lot more of it. We're planning to become of leading supplier of lithium, using a modern process that has significantly less environmental impact than traditional mining. 
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    Advancing motorsports

    ExxonMobil is a technical partner with several motorsport teams. Simply put, our fuels and lubricants help the teams win. Our partnerships enable us to test new formulations in extreme environments, which then improve the commercial products we make available for passenger vehicles.

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    Lower-emission fuels

    Lower-emission fuels (LEFs) made from renewable sources - like vegetable oils and agricultural waste - can reduce emissions from trucks and other forms of commercial transportation.

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    • Policies to advance lower-emission fuels

      Helping to reduce emissions in transportation
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      Policies to advance lower-emission fuels Policies to advance lower-emission fuels
    • Products for today and tomorrow

      Continually improving performance, reliability and sustainability
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      Products for today and tomorrow Products for today and tomorrow

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