Invoice channels and requirements

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Invoice channels and requirements

How to submit an invoice

Invoices to ExxonMobil are accepted in different forms. 

For services and purchase orders via GEP Service Confirmation or Self-Billing / Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS):

Email invoices

Invoices may be submitted via the e-mail address listed in the payables supplier kits (see below). 

  • Note that email addresses may differ depending on the affiliate/country where you are sending the invoice.
  • These e-mail addresses are used only to receive invoices; other inquiries sent to these mailboxes will not be monitored. 

You can check payment status or submit payment-related questions via the GEP Payment Status Tool at

  • Send only one invoice per e-mail. Any support documentation that you need to send with the invoice should be a separate file named Attachment.
  • Invoice must not be encrypted or require a password to access. Special instructions submitted in the e-mail will not be monitored.
  • Invoices must comply with the minimum invoice requirements described below. Invoices with missing or incorrect information may be returned to the supplier.
  • When submitting invoices from purchase orders, it is recommended to submit a separate invoice for each purchase order to support fast and accurate payment processing.
  • To submit invoices to ExxonMobil, you must have a vendor account. Please ask your ExxonMobil contact to ensure your account is created and up to date prior to submitting invoices

Supplier kits / Invoice requirements

For minimum invoice requirements and other information, refer to the appropriate payables supplier kit below. Select the supplier kit for the country where the ExxonMobil affiliate you are billing is located.

Vendor frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I submit a credit invoice (credit note)? 

A: You can submit credit invoices the same way you submit other invoices. Please ensure the credit includes a negative balance and references the original debit and purchase order number.

Q: What should I do if my electronic invoice file size is larger than 10MB?

A: You may submit the invoice to the proper submission channel and separately send supporting documentation to an ExxonMobil representative. 

Q: Why is my invoice not yet paid?

A: Delayed payments can be caused by various factors, such as a vendor account not being created or up to date, prices on the purchase order not matching the invoice, a missing minimum invoice requirement or no SES/GR indicated on invoice. You may submit a ticket via the GEP Payment Status Tool for specific questions regarding invoices submitted.

Q: How can I check my invoice status?

A: You can check invoice status in the GEP Payment Status Tool.

Q: How do I update my contact details? 

A: Please inform your ExxonMobil contact if you need to make any updates to your vendor account such as address, name, tax ID or bank details.

Q: My invoice was rejected or is not in the system. Whom should I contact? 

A: If the invoice is not found in the GEP Payment Status Tool, please submit a ticket via the tool, and we will look into the matter. 

Q: How can I participate in the ExxonMobil Early Payment Discount Program? 

A: To learn more about the ExxonMobil Early Payment Discount Program and to create an account, go to ExxonMobil Early Payment Program - C2FO. (Not available for all countries)

Other supplier-related questions or updates?