Supplier record update

Supplier Record Update

You can submit updates and manage your vendor information via ApexAnalytix (i.e., address, banking, name changes, etc.).


If this is your first time logging in to the ApexAnalytix portal, your identity must be verified.

  • Please click here and select the option “Apex Login Issue” or “Verify your identity” and complete the form.
  • If the responses provided are consistent with our records, you will receive two email notifications from ApexAnalytix Portal with your username and temporary password.
  • Complete your registration to be able to propose your update.
  • If your identity cannot be confirmed, someone may reach out separately.

If you are a returning user, you may go directly to the ApexAnalytix portal here.

If any issues with login, please go to the contact us page here.

Supplier-related questions or updates?