Workplace security

ExxonMobil’s robust security measures are designed to protect our personnel, including senior executives and facilities from threats. Our security programs comply with regulations, are risk-based, flexible and responsive to the environments in which we operate.

Report Dec. 15, 2022

 Facilities undergo periodic security analyses to address potential threats. Each assessment considers geographic location, relationships with the community, criminal activity and the current political climate. We monitor local conditions and maintain detailed security preparedness plans, such as evacuation and intruder response plans. We train employees who travel to and live in higher-risk countries on personal safety in challenging security environments. Our security personnel work to improve our risk management methodologies, threat-assessment capabilities and technical security management processes through drills, training programs and industry forums.

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ExxonMobil is committed to being a good corporate citizen in the places we operate worldwide.

Sustainability Topic

Healthy and engaged workforce

Healthy and engaged workforce

ExxonMobil Global Medicine and Occupational Health uses Centers of Excellence in clinical, infectious disease, industrial hygiene and health promotion with members from across the globe to develop processes that guide programs in operations around the world.

Social Report Dec. 16, 2022

Women packing quarantine kits

Philanthropy and social contributions

ExxonMobil works closely with the communities where we operate to identify and invest in initiatives that help support their needs. We collaborate with governments and local stakeholders to invest in programs that promote local economic growth and help improve social conditions.

Social Report Dec. 15, 2022