Search, download and share

Searching in DAC is keyword-based. Simply type the asset you're looking for to find a selection of assets. We'll show you how to find the assets you want. You can download, modify or share as needed.

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Search, download and share

How to search

You can search for an asset by navigating to the white search bar at the top of the page and entering one or more search term/terms. For example, natural gas, offshore platform, URC laboratory, employee at work, etc.

For quick results:

Hover the mouse over the top eight results to prompt a larger preview which includes asset information as well as actions to take (favorite, share, download)

For full results:

  • Click View all (red text) to view every asset that meet your search terms
  • You can sort assets based on their upload date or alphabetically by selecting the arrow next to newest first

Filter search results


Filter search results by selecting the arrow next to show filters; filters include:

  • Location (city, country, state)
  • Business line
  • Key words
  • Asset type (video, image, audio, Microsoft office, Photoshop, PDF)
  • Copyright owner
  • Upload date
  • Expiration date

Note: Additional searching instructions can be found here

How to download

You can download the asset(s) you have identified collectively and/or individually. Preset crops are available so images can be downloaded in standard formats for PowerPoint slides, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Downloading an asset


Once you have identified an asset you would like to download:

  • Click the three horizontal dots and click Download
  • Then select the specifications of your download

Download options

  • Image
  • JPG 640 x 360
  • JPG 1280 x 720 JPG full size  (size of a ppt slide)
  • PNG transparent (has no background color so it can placed on a color or pattern background without an white box)
  • Original
  • Video
  • 1080p (HD)
  • 720p (HD)
  • 480p
  • Original
  • Assets will begin downloading immediately

Using a preset crop

After identifying the asset you would like to download with a preset crop:

  • Click the thumbnail to open the asset preview screen
  • Click Crop located below the asset preview on the right


  • Select the crop preset of your choices on the right and click Crop followed by send to email

  • Choose your desired Colorspace
    • RGB for ppt or web use
    • CMYK for printing or Grayscale 

  • Choose your desired Format
    • JPG for ppt or web use
    • PNG for ppt or web use (has transparent background)
    • Tiff for printing

  • Click Crop

  • You will then receive an email with a link to download the converted image

Note: Additional downloading instructions can be found here

How to share

The sharing function on the DAC gives you the ability to sending a file to a colleagues via an emailable download link. Using this process, you can share assets both to DAC users or outside parties. Assets can also be shared to a Collection. A collection is a personal folders you can create and manage to organize assets by project or just keep your favorites. 

Once you have identified the asset(s) you would like to share:

  • Click on the thumbnail to open the asset’s preview screen
  • Click Share located below the asset preview on the left
  • Select the sharing method of your choice (URL, zip file, new collection, existing collection)

  • If you select URL, click Copy sharing URL and paste the URL into an email in Outlook or other email program
  • If you select Zip file insert the recipients email accompanied by a message and click Share
  • If you select New collection create a name for your collection, insert a recipient’s email and click Create and share to send
  • If you select Existing collection click the existing collection of your choice and click Share to complete
Note: Additional share instructions can be found here

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