Healthy and engaged workforce

Report Jan. 5, 2021

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Healthy and engaged workforce

Worksite health and wellness 


The success of ExxonMobil’s operations depends on a healthy and competent workforce. Our health policy communicates corporate expectations for identifying and managing health risks related to our operations. In each country, we develop workplace health programs that consider local health care systems and health needs.

Improvements in worker health can increase quality of life and employee productivity. ExxonMobil supports voluntary health programs that promote employee well-being while reducing health-plan costs. Through our Culture of Health program, we provide employees with health education, disease management assistance, resilience training and fitness programs. We have implemented the Culture of Health program in 30 countries, and we continue to look for new opportunities to expand the program’s reach. We have recently added programs in Canada, Chad, Colombia, Equatorial Guinea, France, Germany, Guam and New Caledonia.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, our emergency preparedness and response procedures were triggered at the country, regional and facility levels, building on lessons learned from SARS, Pandemic Flu, MERS and Ebola. Our preventive and mitigation safeguards, combined with coordinated internal communications, helped protect the health and safety of our workers and their dependents. Where appropriate, we implemented remote-work policies while our facilities were deep-cleaned and reconfigured to enable proper social distancing. Our measures were continually refined as more information about the virus was identified, in consultation with internal and external health experts.

Altona Refinery COVID-19

COVID-19 precautions at the Altona Refinery.

2019 performance and initiatives

We design disease prevention and control programs to address health risks prevalent in locations where we operate. They include malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika and other diseases. Investments and programs support the health of our employees, contractors and community members in malaria-prone regions, including Africa and Asia. We have not had an employee or contractor fatality due to malaria since 2007. 

Strathcona Refinery's voluntary COVID-19 testing program.