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Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report describes ExxonMobil’s efforts regarding environmental, social and governance performance.

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Chairman's letter

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Darren Woods introduces the 2018 Sustainability Report.

External Sustainability Advisory Panel Statement

ExxonMobil’s External Sustainability Advisory Panel independently reviews our sustainability activities, including this report. We formed the panel in 2009 to understand additional external perspectives related to environmental, social and governance topics.

Report sections


ExxonMobil’s diverse portfolio of projects requires us to work in remote and sensitive environments, including deepwater and biodiverse locations. Our environmental management approach is guided by an understanding of the potential environmental impacts of our operations and a commitment to sustainably develop, maintain and operate projects using appropriate standards that enable us to ‘Protect Tomorrow. Today.’


Around the world, ExxonMobil aims to be a preferred business partner, neighbor, employer and supplier. ExxonMobil maintains a corporate-wide commitment to safeguarding the health and security of our employees and the public, responsibly managing our social impacts and upholding respect for human rights in our operations.


Good corporate governance creates a business environment conducive to long-term growth. ExxonMobil employs a variety of policies and processes to uphold high ethical standards and promote transparency. Our efforts are underpinned by a board of directors that provides strategic oversight of our corporation’s affairs.

ExxonMobil and UN SDGs

Addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve significant progress on global economic, social and environmental challenges by 2030. Although directed at governments, the private sector and civil society play an important role in support of governments’ national plans. ExxonMobil contributes to certain aspects of all 17 SDGs. In this report, we feature eight SDGs to which ExxonMobil is making significant contributions. For additional information, visit the 2018 Sustainability Report content index

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Case study

Guyana operations

We recognize the importance of helping develop and produce Guyana's energy resources in a way that benefits the country and its citizens.
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Stakeholder engagement

Our goal is to foster mutual understanding, trust and cooperation with stakeholder groups on sustainability topics. We interact with a variety of stakeholders through different mechanisms such as community meetings, digital and social media, corporate publications and one-on-one discussions. Maintaining an open dialogue provides opportunities to listen to concerns, identify material issues, benchmark our performance and make strategic business decisions. Learn more about our key stakeholder groups and our engagement approach

Performance data table

We assess our performance to support continual improvements throughout the organization.

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