Keeping it real: Low carbon solutions highlights new technologies on energy podcast

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Article Sept. 29, 2023

Our senior vice president of Low Carbon Solutions, Matt Crocker, recently joined the ARC Energy Ideas podcast to talk about what we’re doing in carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen and lower emission fuels.

Matt chatted with hosts Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest and talked about several of our recently announced projects to reduce emissions, including our CCS agreements along the U.S. Gulf Coast, the renewable diesel facility at Imperial’s Strathcona refinery and our plans for the world’s largest low-carbon hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas.

"We see a huge opportunity potential to deploy these technologies and we need to see that happen on an ever-increasing scale,” he said.

He also discussed the three drivers that could accelerate the pace of the energy transition – technology advances, public policy support, and the development of market-based solutions. “There needs to be a carbon-based market where consumers and companies are willing to pay some level of premium to reduce carbon,” he said. 

Matt also said the energy transition is going to take significant investment and cooperation between governments, companies and academic institutions. We plan to invest $17 billion through 2027 on lower-emission initiatives, and as Matt said, “We're focused on playing our part.”


Matt Crocker speaking on a podcast
"We see a huge opportunity potential to deploy these technologies, and we need to see that happen on an ever-increasing scale”

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ARC Energy Ideas podcast episode

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