Safety and environment in the Baytown Area

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Safety and environment in the Baytown Area

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ExxonMobil Baytown Area's emergency response teams are 100 percent staffed by employee volunteers. We work closely with the city to coordinate mutual aid and off-site assistance, helping to safeguard our employees, contractors, neighbors and facilities. Our response teams routinely test emergency notification equipment and simulate emergency scenarios with city teams to ensure preparation and coordination.

ExxonMobil has also played a proud role as a community partner and environmental steward in the Baytown area for more than 100 years. With one of the largest refining and petrochemical complexes in the world, we are continuously optimizing our processes to minimize emissions, enhance energy efficiency and maintain the highest standards for environmental care. Ultimately, our goal is to prevent environmental incidents and improve our environmental performance.


dedicated responders undergo ongoing, rigorous training to ensure world-class response capabilities.


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from hydrocarbon flaring at the Baytown Chemical Plant between 2016 and 2020.


reduction in emissions incidents requiring regulatory agency reporting at the Baytown Refinery between 2015 and 2020.


Shelter-in-place: What you need to know

In the event of a chemical release, emergency-management officials or other authorities may advise residents to shelter-in-place. This means to stay inside homes or other safe structures and secure the building until notified that the situation is safe. Shelter-in-place warnings are often precautionary, but they should always be followed.

If at home, tightly close all doors and windows; turn off air conditioners, heaters and fans. Students shelter in place in schools. Parents should avoid going to pick up children unless school officials direct you to do so.

If at work, it may be determined that the safest course of action is to stay inside the building. While some employees may make a personal decision to leave, this decision should be made with the best available information.

Shelter in place educational video for students:

Hurricane preparedness

We constantly monitor weather conditions and prepare our infrastructure and people for the possibility of high winds and storm surge. We have a comprehensive plan for severe weather emergencies.

Residents can stay informed and prepared by signing up for the City of Baytown’s Baytown Alert service.


We operate under closely regulated state and federal programs that authorize certain emissions inherent in manufacturing; however, our goal is to prevent all incidents and releases. We are committed to continuous efforts to improve our environmental performance, and our record speaks to that commitment.

We are proud of our environmental progress over the years and maintain our commitment to improving regional air quality. As a Baytown area neighbor, we pledge to continue exploring new ways to reduce emissions and improve air and water quality. Our mission is clear: Protect Tomorrow. Today.

Baytown Area Environmental Progress Report

Learn more about our environmental performance


Advanced recycling at the Baytown Complex

In December 2022, we started up one of the largest advanced recycling facilities in North America right here in Baytown. The facility uses proprietary technology to break down hard-to-recycle plastics and transform them into raw materials for new products. Watch the video to learn more.


Leading-edge environmental technology at the Baytown Olefins Plant expansion

Watch the video below to learn more about the pressure-assisted, multipoint ground flare and its benefits to the environment.

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