Driving our net-zero ambitions

We've been in Europe for nearly 140 years. In the past 10 years alone, we've invested more than €20 billion here. Our 12,000 European employees supply Europe with energy that powers daily life and chemicals that make everyday products possible.

We aim for net-zero Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions from our operated assets by 2050. Achieving these ambitions will take a wide range of technologies, which is why we're working on things like carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen, chemical recycling (also known as advanced recycling) and lower-emission fuels. A supportive policy and regulatory environment is critical in progressing these projects.


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Our business presence

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In Luxembourg, we have an office and a storage depot for Esso fuels.
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Our Belgian manufacturing facilities are located in the Antwerp region. The integrated refinery and petrochemical lab is in the port area, and the two polyethylene plants are in Zwijndrecht and Meerhout. We have depots for Esso fuels in Antwerp, Sclessin (Liège) and Doornik. Brussels is home to our regional headquarters for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as our European Technology Center. We believe there's potential for advanced recycling and hydrogen opportunities in Belgium.
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Our presence in the Netherlands includes an integrated refinery and petrochemical site, three chemical plants and a lubricants plant in the Rotterdam port area. We hold shares in two crude oil terminals and a pipeline. In the northern part of the Netherlands we're part of joint ventures for exploration, production and selling of oil and natural gas. We’re partners in carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects and plan to pilot a ground-breaking carbon capture technology using carbonate fuel cells. We believe there's potential for advanced recycling opportunities in the Netherlands.
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For more than 130 years, we've been supplying Germany with energy, lubes and fuels. We make an important contribution to meeting domestic energy needs through local natural gas and oil production.
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We've had a continuous business presence in France since 1902, with our operations significantly contributing to France’s energy needs. Our operations, including the Gravenchon complex in Normandy and the Esso Fos-sur-Mer refinery in the South of France, account for 30% of France's refining capacity. We're involved across multiple sectors — fuels, lubricants, asphalt, marine, and aviation. We’re exploring lower-emission projects, such as the production of biofuels, including Sustainable Aviation Fuels via co-processing, and participation in the Axe Seine CCS consortium.
In April 2024, we announced plans to sell the Fos-sur-Mer refinery and to shut down our Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine Chemical Production Units.
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We’ve been in Italy since 1891. Our main activities include blending and packaging lubricants oils and the commercialisation of Mobil-branded lubricants and chemical products. In late 2023, we sold our fuels business, maintaining a long-term branding agreement to ensure Esso fuels continue to be supplied to branded service stations in Italy along with marketing, loyalty and card programmes.
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United Kingdom

Esso retains a significant presence in the UK, with one of the largest refining and petrochemical manufacturing sites in Europe at Fawley, ethylene production at Fife, a 700km pipeline network, five fuel terminals and offshore production interests. We're actively progressing a number of CCS and hydrogen opportunities across the UK.
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We opened an office in Budapest in 2004, where we now have around 2,000 employees.
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Czech Republic

We opened and office in Prague 20 years ago and have grown into a mature organization with around 1,200 employees that support 158 countries in 23 languages.
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We were one of the first major western energy companies to invest in Kazakhstan in 1993. We’re active in development, production and transportation of oil and gas, and represented by the following affiliates:
* ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc. (EMKI)
* ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Ventures Inc. (EMKVI)
* Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company (MCPC)
We have interests in: the Tengizchevroil (TCO) joint venture, which operates the giant Tengiz field; the North Caspian Production Sharing Agreement (NCPSA), which operates the giant Kashagan field; and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).
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Our business in Norway started back in 1893 and we continue to be a significant player in the Norwegian energy market. We operate four terminals across Norway, including the large Slagen terminal (former Slagen refinery), in addition to partnerships with other terminals.
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We provide Mobil-branded lubricants for personal and fleet vehicles in Finland.


We provide lubricants for vehicles as well as lubricant products and services that meet industrial needs.


We provide Mobil-branded lubricants for your automobile needs.

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Europe Headquarters
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EU Transparency register - Identification number: 0745650927-75

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