U.S. employee benefits

We know that life happens. ExxonMobil offers benefits and policies to cover every situation. That means world-class compensation and benefits, built on our core categories of health, security, finance, and life.

Core categories

U.S. employee benefits



Employees may select from a range of comprehensive plans designed to meet your specific medical needs while also remaining cost-effective. Plan options may include telemedicine, second opinion services, enhanced fertility benefits and special needs benefits.


Provides coverage for general and major services such as fillings, root canals, crowns, and orthodontic services. Preventative care, such as routine exams, cleaning and fluoride is covered at 100% with no out of pocket costs.


We offer coverage for comprehensive eye exams and allowances for lenses and frames or contact lenses. Laser eye surgery discounts are also available.

Employee Health Advisory Program

Our employees have access to professional counseling in a safe, confidential environment for an array of personal mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, chemical dependency, and family conflict.

Culture of Health

We provide any-time health support to our employees. Access tools and resources to help manage your health, including education, coaching and personalized health assessments. Some programs provide savings on medical insurance.

Pre-tax spending plan

When you participate in the Medical, Dental, and/or Vision Plans, your monthly contributions are made on a pre-tax basis through the Pre-tax Spending Plan. You may also set aside pre-tax dollars to be reimbursed to you for eligible health care and dependent care expenses.


Life Insurance

Basic life insurance is provided at no cost to employees, and enrollment is automatic. Several other options are available for enrollment at any time to support major life events such as the birth or adoption of a child.

Disability Leave

Enrollment in disability—short term or long term—is automatic. Coverage is provided at no cost. The amount of pay reimbursement is based on the employee’s benefit service and disability, and includes coverage for childbirth and pregnancy.


Savings plan

We offer many ways to secure your financial future through an array of investment options with varying objectives and degrees of risk. Employees choose to invest in these options on a pre-tax or after-tax or Roth basis, or a combination. ExxonMobil offers matching with contributions vesting after three years of employment.

Pension Plan

We’re proud to offer our employees a lifetime monthly retirement benefit at no cost. Employee pension vests after five years of service. To be a retiree, employees must have at least 15 years of service and leave the company on or after age 55.

Financial Fitness Program

This unique, custom program is designed to help employees better understand and utilize company benefits and programs. An added benefit of this program offers help with personal finance management through specialized programs and workshops.


Vacation / Paid time off

At ExxonMobil, employees begin with a base level of two weeks paid days off, and receive more the longer they work with us. Employees who stay with us for over 30 years earn as much as 6 weeks of paid time off each year.

Workplace Flexibility

We understand that life happens. Employees are encouraged to address acute needs by adjusting their work environment and schedule as business allows. Whether it’s providing urgent care for a family member, visiting a doctor, or simply requiring a quiet day at home, employee needs at ExxonMobil are met with one of the most flexible work policies in the industry.

Parental Paid Time Off

All employees receive an additional eight weeks of paid time off to bond with their new family member—whether birth or adoption.

Leave of Absence

Our commitment to flexibility extends into our Leave of Absence policy. Employees have the opportunity to receive extended time off for health or dependent care issues, military services, or many other reasons.

Tuition Assistance Program

Our commitment to continual learning is why we have one of the most skilled workforces in the world. Employees are reimbursed over the course of their career for eligible tuition, fees, and books at accredited learning institutions, to maintain or improve job skills.

Additional life benefits

Employee recognition program

We recognize employees for achievement of certain service milestones during their career and at retirement. To show our appreciation, this recognition may include extra compensation or benefits.

Backup dependent care assistance

If arrangements fall through, we can help. We’ll help locate primary dependent care for your family when it’s needed most, and provide full or partial reimbursements in qualifying situations.

Adoption Assistance

Growing a family can come with many challenges. We’re proud to offer assistance in covering some of the fees associated with adoption. Additionally, employees have access to our network of adoption counselors and referral services.

Employee discounts

Our perks don’t stop when employees go home. We offer discounts on a range of automotive needs for employees and many of their family members.