United Arab Emirates

Deploying innovative techniques to unlock additional resource value — A combination of artificial islands, extended-reach drilling, and maximum reservoir contact well technologies to increase daily production.

ExxonMobil in Abu Dhabi  timeline

ExxonMobil in Abu Dhabi – timeline

Abu Dhabi plays a vital role in supplying the world’s growing energy needs. With its industry-leading technical expertise, ExxonMobil is committed to the application of the technologies that will help Upper Zakum meet this challenge.
Our operations

Our operations

As one of the largest US investors in Abu Dhabi, ExxonMobil is committed to the development of the Emirate’s natural resources in cooperation with our joint venture partners, including ADNOC. Through our technological collaboration with ADNOC, we are proudly bringing value to Upper Zakum – the world’s second largest offshore oil field - and advancing a key cornerstone of Abu Dhabi’s vision to increase overall oil production capacity.


ExxonMobil participates in communities all around the world, including in the UAE. We work with organizations to ensure our efforts are tailored to address community and business needs such as education initiatives and economic development.

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