ExxonMobil participates in communities all around the world, including in the UAE. We work with organizations to ensure our efforts are tailored to address community and business needs such as education initiatives and economic development.

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Community support

ExxonMobil participates in communities all around the world, including in the UAE. We work with organizations to ensure our efforts are tailored to address community and business needs such as education initiatives and economic development.

Our affiliates have a long history of supporting important community programs in the United Arab Emirates.

Investing in women

At ExxonMobil, we know that when women move forward, the world moves with them. When women control their income, they invest in the health, education and well-being of their families and communities. That’s why in 2005, ExxonMobil launched the Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative — a global effort that helps women fulfill their economic potential and drive economic and social change in their communities.

One of the initiatives which strengthens women management, leadership and technical skills that advance women’s economic opportunities is the Global Women in Management Program (GWIM).

ExxonMobil Foundation and Counterpart International’s WomenLead Institute provide this workshop which strengthens women management, leadership and technical skills to enhance and bring to scale programs that advance women’s economic opportunities and build the next generation of women business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is an impactful investment in that it offers business training and follow-on technical advice proven to increase economic opportunities for women. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen women’s management and leadership skills in order to build strong and sustainable institutions.

Selected participants travel to the US to attend a four week seminar designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of women leaders of our key partners around the world. In the annual DC course, women from around the world, especially selected by ExxonMobil affiliates, participate in the intensive and highly participatory program.

To date, almost 30 women from the UAE have participated in the program, including women from our community partners Emirates Foundation, INJAZ UAE and ADNOC.

Education initiatives

As a leader of an industry that relies on math, science and engineering, we are aware of the key role education plays in fueling economic growth and providing opportunities.

Throughout our company's history, we have actively supported education and training programs in the UAE and around the world.


ExxonMobil and INJAZ Al-Arab, the Middle East affiliate of Junior Achievement Worldwide, launched a new platform that combines digital and classroom learning for INJAZ Al-Arab’s flagship experiential learning program.

The Company Program takes high school and university students through the entire startup cycle of creating their own business during a single academic year. Students partner with a mentor, learn leadership skills, identify business opportunities, set goals, develop a business plan, create a marketing strategy, launch a product, report to shareholders and write an annual report.

The new digital platform enables INJAZ Al-Arab to maximize the benefits of its unique volunteer model, which brings private sector volunteers into classrooms to provide instruction and real world expertise in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness.

The platform is another example of our continued commitment and dedication to the development and success of INJAZ Al-Arab and its initiatives that contribute to building the capacity of Arab youth, including here in the UAE.


ExxonMobil continues to work with INJAZ UAE, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, to support the skills development of UAE youth through volunteer based mentoring programs designed to instill key work readiness, entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills. 

Emirates Foundation – Think Science

Emirates Foundation and ExxonMobil announced their partnership in 2015 to support the Think Science program, one of the Foundation's leading programs that aims to empower Emirati youth to innovate through science and technology. Emirates Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization set up by the Abu Dhabi Government to facilitate public-private partnerships for empowering youth across the UAE.

Think Science is comprised of several core components of which one is the Think Science Competition – a nation-wide science competition that engages UAE youth to develop, design and build science-based innovations that respond to society’s most pressing needs. 

Dialogue with Abu Dhabi's next generation of leaders

In Abu Dhabi, ExxonMobil employees are in contact with a variety of schools and universities to engage with students and faculties and to discuss the activities of the energy sector.

International events

ExxonMobil is honored to take an active part in several of Abu Dhabi’s major international initiatives.

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC)

ExxonMobil is proud to support the annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference. This conference brings together government officials, corporate executives, engineers, business professionals and many others who are key to the energy industry. The four-day conference serves as a meeting place for decision-makers, innovators and practitioners who discuss and debate issues affecting the industry.

ExxonMobil has been a longstanding sponsor of the conference, with our ExxonMobil experts participating in the ADIPEC Executive Committee, in Technical Committees, in Panel Discussions as well as giving numerous technical presentations. Visitors can also meet ExxonMobil representatives at our booth to learn more about how we add value through technology.

World Future Energy Summit (WFES)

At ExxonMobil, we know that meeting the world’s growing energy needs, while reducing the impact on the environment, will require the development of all viable sources of energy and new technology development.

Held annually in Abu Dhabi, the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) – part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week – provides an invaluable forum for policy makers, industry leaders, investors, experts, academia, intellectuals and journalists to discuss the challenges and the solutions for the world’s growing demand for energy. ExxonMobil is proud to be a sponsor of the Summit.

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