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Aviation fuels and lubricants

Get in touch with our customer service teams and technical help desk professionals for help with sales, ordering and technical inquiries.

Contact your nearest office using the details on our website.

Basestocks and Specialties

To contact our Basestocks and Specialities organization:

Europe, Africa, Middle East
Basestocks & Specialties Sales Manager, EAME
ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical, BVBA
Hermeslaan 2
Machelen 1831
Belgium, Brussels
Phone: +420 221-45-6130

Asia Pacific
Basestocks & Specialties Sales Manager, Asia Pacific
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
1 HarbourFront Place
#06-00 HarbourFront Tower One
Singapore 098657
Phone: +65 6885-8005
Facsimile: +65 6885-8949

Basestocks & Specialties Sales Manager, Americas
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Company
22777 Springwood Village Parkway
Spring, Texas 77389
Phone: +1 800-582-3645
Fax: +1 866-463-5293

Business headquarters

Corporate Headquarters
5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, Texas 75039-2298
+1 (972) 940-6000

Downstream Operations
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
Spring, TX 77389-1425

Exploration and Producing Operations
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
Spring, TX 77389-1425

ExxonMobil Chemical
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
Spring, TX 77389-1425


Visit the ExxonMobil Chemical website.

Worldwide and the Americas
ExxonMobil Chemical Company
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
Spring, TX 77389-1425

Europe, Middle East & Africa
ExxonMobil Chemical Europe
Hermeslaan 2
1831 Machelen, Belgium

Asia Pacific
ExxonMobil Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd.
1 HarbourFront Place
#06-00 HarbourFront Tower One
Singapore 098633

Credit cards and the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ loyalty program

For information on our credit, commercial, fleet and gift cards and the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program or mobile app.

Commercial Credit Cards

ExxonMobil Business Card
Program Details / Apply Online
Inquiries / Lost or Stolen Card: 1-800-903-9966
TTY for Hearing/Speech Impaired: 1-888-944-2227
Online Technical Assistance: 1-866-460-5350 (option 2)

Send Payments to:
Processing Center
P.O. Box 78001, Phoenix, AZ 85062-8001

Overnight Delivery for Payments:
Citi Cards
4740 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323

General Inquiries:
Credit Card Center
P.O. Box 6404, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6404

ExxonMobil Fleet Cards
Program Details / Apply Online
Apply by Phone: 1 800-627-3427
Inquiries / Lost or Stolen card: 1 800-624-5140   
Pay by Phone: 1 800-950-6157

Send Payments to:
ExxonMobil Fleet Card Services
P. O. Box 6293, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5727

For Correspondence:
PO BOX 639, PORTLAND, ME 04104 

Consumer Cards

ExxonMobil Personal Card
Inquiries / Lost or Stolen Card: 1-800-344-4355

ExxonMobil Smart Card 
Program Details / Apply Online 
Apply by phone: 1-866-379-1010
Or for Hearing and Speech Impaired Only: 1-800-350-9102
Inquiries / Lost or Stolen Card: 1-800-344-4355

Send Regular Payments to:
Processing Center 
PO Box 78072
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8072

Send Overnight Delivery/Express Payments to:
Processing Center
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213

ExxonMobil Consumer Cards - General Inquiries
PO Box 7032
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7032

ExxonMobil Gift Cards 
Card Information
Or phone: 1-866-462-8646

The Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Loyalty Program

The Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Loyalty Program (U.S.)
Program Details / Apply Online
Inquiries: 1-888-REWARD+ (1-888-739-2730)

The Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Mobile App (U.S.)
Payment issues: 1-800-243-9966
Inquiries: 1-888-REWARD+ (1-888-739-2730)

Crude oil sales

The crude oil group is responsible for marketing ExxonMobil's global production of crude oil and condensates.

For crude oil production and assay information please visit the ExxonMobil crude oil website.

To contact us about purchasing ExxonMobil's crude oil, please contact the following regional offices:

ExxonMobil Sales & Supply LLC
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway
Spring, Texas 77389

ExxonMobil Sales & Supply LLC (UK Branch)
ExxonMobil House
Ermyn Way
Leatherhead, KT22 8UX

Asia Pacific
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
18 Pioneer Road
Singapore 628498

Fuels and lubricants

As a global supplier, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants (F&L) has a history of developing and delivering high-performance lubricants, and supporting you in implementing sound lubrication practices to help extract peak performance and maximum value.

Our F&L sales organization is made up of highly skilled professionals with industry and sector expertise to help your business. Whether selling Mobil 1 to consumers in retail, helping your fleet extend vehicle drain intervals, or looking to improve the production run time of your paper mill or the productivity of your windmills, our sales representatives understand the challenges industries face and are ready to ensure the lubricants part of your business equation is optimized.

Furthermore, our knowledgeable Field Engineering Services team supports you in the implementation of programs and practices that help enhance operations and streamline maintenance practices. We offer unsurpassed industry expertise, programs, and tools to support you. We also work with ExxonMobil authorized distributors to help enhance their success in supporting the sales and service of our lubricant brands to end customers.

To contact us, please call one of our customer support centers listed below. (Note: If country of interest is not listed, please contact the nearest country center, utilize the distributor locator, or use the contact us form to send an email by clicking on the Talk to an expert button).

International Marine

Europe/Africa/Middle East
+42023 9000689

Asia Pacific
+86 21 2407 6464

+1 800 662 4524

Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia
+66 2 204 5340

North Asia
+86 21 2407 6464

+91 124 421 7070


Americas Aviation
1 888 299 2883

1 888 968 3776

1 800 582 3645

Latin America

01 0800 907 3900

0800 1 0710

01 800 091 1155

0800 5553776


00800 92009

00800 970029

00800 8911101

00800 949 425

00800 40963

00800 4411 560

007 495 232 2223

00200 810304

00800 4488 20996

00800 0857421

Africa/Middle East

+202 27916500

+234 1 2801780


Technical product information
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Product Data Sheets (PDS)

Investors contacts

General contacts

For general inquiries (not related to bonds), please call +1 972-940-6000.

Bondholder contacts

For inquiries related to bonds, email us, or write to:

Exxon Mobil Corporation
Treasurer's Department — Planning and Financial Markets
Attn: Bondholder Services
5959 Las Colinas Blvd
Irving, TX 75039-2298

Shareholder contacts

For inquiries relating to stock transfer, stock purchase, dividend reinvestment, dividend payment, direct deposit of dividends, address change or other account-related items, please write or call:

1-800-252-1800 (within the U.S. and Canada)
1-781-575-2058 (outside the U.S. and Canada)

ExxonMobil Shareholder Services
c/o Computershare
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY, 40233

Or, alternatively, go to online support.

Dividend information and current/historical stock price information is available on our website.

Investor relations contacts

Institutional shareholder

If you are an institutional investor, please call +1 972-940-6703.

Individual shareholder

If you are an individual investor, please call +1 972-940-6715.

Email us

Marine fuels and lubricants

Get in touch with our customer service teams and technical help desk professionals for help with sales, ordering and technical inquiries.

Contact your nearest office using the details on our website.

Media contacts

Corporate activities, upstream, downstream and chemical businesses
Reporters on deadline may contact our media relations team in the U.S. at +1 972 940 6007 or our global in-country media contacts listed below.  

News releases 
or to receive news releases by email
Company publications

For all other inquiries, please refer to the directory to find the respective contacts for investor, business, product and customer service information.

Eastern Canada: +1 709 273 1400
Western/Northern/Central Canada: +1 587 476 7010

Latin America
Brazil: +55 21 3206 5060
Argentina: +54 11 3985 3323 or +54 11 3985 3324
Mexico: +52 55 5125 0700
Guyana: +1 592 620 0616

All inquiries: +44 1372 22 2261 or +44 1372 22 2000

Asia Pacific
Australia: +61 39261 0022
Indonesia: +62 811 871 3486 or 62 811 103 6999
Malaysia: +60 3 4815 2484 or +60 3 4815-2289
Singapore: +65 6885 8275

Angola: +244 938 761 994
Chad/Cameroon: +44 13729 41578
Equatorial Guinea: +1 240 222 244 534
Nigeria: +234 1 280 1100 ext. 22002

Azerbaijan: +994 12 982 460 
Kazakhstan: +7 7172 694 101
Moscow: +7 495 139 1444
Sakhalin: +7 4242 677363 or +7 4242 677360

Middle East
Qatar: +974 4045 9187
Saudi Arabia: +966 1 273 8425

Service station customer-related inquiries

For decades, Esso, Exxon and Mobil have provided reliable and trusted fuels that not only meet, but exceed customer confidence and expectations.

At home or on the move, quality performance is at the heart of every product we sell. We are proud of our longstanding reputation for excellence in our industry and will continue to anticipate and meet the growing needs of consumers.

In many countries, including the United States, the majority of our branded services stations are owned and operated by independent businesses that set their own operating practices and procedures. We have impressed upon our branded wholesalers and their resellers the importance of providing prompt, courteous and reliable service to the motoring public at all times.

In the event of a customer concern, we suggest that you contact the store manager directly for prompt handling by filling out the “Station experience” form. Please specify the name/location of the station so we can address appropriately.

Contact us by phone:
North America Customer Care

Speakers Coalition

We value our relationships with our many external stakeholders and have established an educational outreach program aimed at increasing dialogue with civic, service, educational and professional organizations.

Through the ExxonMobil Speakers Coalition Program, senior managers and employees deliver presentations on a number of topics, ranging from our commitment to corporate citizenship to our Outlook for Energy, from a detailed look at our company to some of the key issues facing our industry.

If you are interested in having a speaker from the program address your organization, we encourage you to complete the form below. Due to a high volume of requests for speakers, we are unable to respond to all requests but we will consider all requests and will use the contact information provided to follow up if a speaker is available.

Request a speaker

Supplier diversity

Background on ExxonMobil's Supplier Diversity Program

ExxonMobil values its diverse workforce and works to promote a diverse supply chain. In the United States, we have cultivated diversity across our supply chain through our supplier diversity program for more than 40 years. ExxonMobil's supplier diversity program is a proactive business process to provide diverse suppliers access to purchasing opportunities.

Our supplier diversity program focuses on the following diverse classifications: minority-owned businesses; women-owned businesses; small businesses; lesbian-, gay-, bisexual- and transgender-owned businesses; veteran-owned businesses; service-disabled veteran-owned businesses; and businesses owned by people with disabilities.

To be awarded ExxonMobil business, as with any supplier, diverse suppliers must meet ExxonMobil's standard qualification requirements including technical, operational and safety standards. ExxonMobil Supplier Expectations, a set of guidelines that outlines our expectations of suppliers inclusive of human rights, can be viewed here.

For more information about ExxonMobil’s commitment to supplier diversity, including information about our Tier 2 program, please see “Promoting supplier diversity” in our Sustainability Report

Supplier Diversity Registration

If you are a diverse supplier, we recommend you register with CVM Solutions Supplier Registration by clicking here. If there is an immediate need for your goods or services you could be contacted quickly. You may be contacted either by Global Sustainable Procurement / Supplier Diversity or directly by a Contracts or Category Manager. If there is no immediate need, bid or negotiation, your information will remain documented until there is an opportunity in your area.

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Business solicitation and recruiting scams

ExxonMobil does not use social media, unsolicited email or written correspondence to request an advance fee to conduct business, nor does it use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance fee of any kind.

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