Political contributions


We believe that sound public policy is achieved when a variety of informed voices participate in the political process.

ExxonMobil also provides support to organizations that promote international relationships, institutions with strong research capabilities that contribute to informed policy decision-making, and organizations that assess public policy alternatives on issues of importance to the energy industry.

Corporate political contributions

The Board of Directors has authorized ExxonMobil to make political contributions to candidate committees and other political organizations as permitted by applicable laws in the United States. ExxonMobil’s support of candidates and political organizations reflects corporate interests and not those of any individual employee, officer or independent director. The political contributions of the corporation, as well as the contributions from the company-sponsored political action committee, are reviewed with the board of directors annually and are routinely verified during internal audits of the corporation’s public and government affairs activities.

In 2022, ExxonMobil contributed $285,000 in support of five national political organizations of state officials. In addition, the company contributed over $205,000 in election support to 173 state-level candidates and five committees in six U.S. states. Contributions are reported to applicable governing agencies. As required of federal contractors by law, ExxonMobil has not used corporate treasury funds to support any federal candidates, national political parties or other political committees, including Super PACs. Also at the federal level, ExxonMobil has chosen not to use treasury funds or political action committee funds for direct independent political expenditures, including electioneering communications.

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