A new breed of racing, built on new technology

Fans rarely see the fluids inside a race car, but they are the hidden workhorses for race day success. Same for the engineers developing those fluids and lubes. And, activating the dynamic science behind race car performance requires the very same dedication and precision found on the racetrack itself.


Nowhere is this more evident than the behind-the-scenes work for electric vehicles, which are undergoing unprecedented changes in their adoption, technology and performance. This pace of change extends to the racetrack with the creation of the electric motorsports series, Formula E.

This new breed of racing requires a full suite of fluids and greases designed to meet extreme conditions and the unique requirements of electric vehicles. Researchers at ExxonMobil are taking their findings from the Porsche race team and applying those to new solutions for drivers all around the world, such as the recently launched Mobil EV product line that enables further driving distances between charges, longer vehicle life and safer operation for electric cars.

That dedication to discovering the best formulas will continue, as hybrids, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles become more popular. In fact, these cars are predicted to exceed 20 percent of the world’s light-duty fleet by 2040, according to ExxonMobil’s 2019 Outlook for Energy — making Formula E the ultimate testing ground for the future.


January 9, 2020

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From farm leftovers to biofuel

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One-of-a-kind partners working on breakthrough innovations

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