Production and handling

Jointly owned by Imperial Oil (operator) and ExxonMobil Canada, the Kearl oil sands project produces one of the largest and highest quality oil sands deposits in Canada. Kearl is currently targeting a gross production rate of 220,000 barrels per day.


Kearl is well-connected to the substantial North American pipeline system and is offered for sale at Edmonton and any of the delivery points on the connected Enbridge, Keystone, MarketLink, Enterprise and TMPL pipeline systems. Kearl can be offered for vessel loading and export sale at Vancouver, Canada and in Texas and Louisiana (established second quarter 2016). Additionally, through the Edmonton Rail Terminal (210 kbd throughput capacity), Kearl can be delivered by rail throughout North America with the ability to transload from rail to vessel in Louisiana. Kearl diluted bitumen can be processed directly in refineries that are already configured to process heavy oil and bitumen. 

Typical characteristics

Kearl is a heavy, high sulfur diluted bitumen that is ideal for refineries with heavy crude capabilities. Kearl has an API gravity of 20.2 and contains 3.85 wt percent sulfur and 9.1 wt percent Conradson carbon, making it an attractive coker feed. The detailed assay can be found below.


  • Gravity 20.2
  • Sulfur 3.85%


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