Natural gas certification

Methane emission reduction

Certifying natural gas to validate methane emission reductions

Our work to certify natural gas produced at a number of our Permian Basin facilities in New Mexico is based on rigorous, third-party criteria established by nonprofit MiQ. The certification process provides more transparent and consistent assessment of methane intensity, detection technology and emission mitigation practices. Certification allows us to independently validate efforts to reduce methane emissions, which are a key component of our roadmap to net-zero emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) in the Permian Basin by 2030. The company is currently expanding certification to natural gas production in Appalachia and assessing other opportunities across our assets.

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Achieving top certification for our Poker Lake natural gas

Based on criteria outlined by MiQ, approximately 200 million cubic feet per day of natural gas produced from our Permian Basin facilities at Poker Lake, New Mexico, has been independently certified and received the top grade for methane emissions management. Our suite of advanced monitoring technologies and robust leak detection and repair practices are key to achieving this A grade. We are selling this certified gas, produced with low methane emissions, to Xcel Energy to help power homes, schools and businesses in southeastern New Mexico with fewer lifecycle emissions than non-certified natural gas.
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