A message from Darren Woods

Darren Woods

Darren W. Woods

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

These are challenging times for all of us.  We are grateful for the efforts of first responders and medical professionals around the world who are working so hard to help manage the effects of this pandemic.

Our company is proud to assist where we can, and I’m grateful to the ExxonMobil team for their focused response efforts. On our offshore platforms, in our refineries, at our lubes and chemical plants and throughout our facilities worldwide, our people are getting the job done while protecting themselves and others.

We have put important measures in place to protect the health and safety of our workforce, including enhanced cleaning procedures and adjustments to facility layouts and operating procedures to ensure social distancing.  We’ve also asked those who can work from home to do so in support of government efforts to reduce social interaction at this critical time.

Some of the products we make are essential to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re working to meet needs.

Our chemical company, for example, is a leading producer of isopropyl alcohol, which is used to create a range of goods, including hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and other sanitization products.

Another vital product they make is polypropylene, which is required for surgical masks and gowns, as well as protective masks known as N95 respirators.

Our Fuels organization is producing and shipping gasoline, diesel, marine fuels and other products necessary to enable first responders to help people in need and to keep global transportation networks and supply chains functioning.

We are also very aware of the market conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and commodity price decreases, and are progressing significant near-term capital and operating expense reductions as we manage our business.

This is an unprecedented environment, but our company has faced numerous market downturns throughout its long history, and we have experience operating in a sustained low-price environment. We remain focused on being a safe, low-cost operator and creating long-term value for shareholders.

Energy has been called the engine of the economy and will be essential for the economic recovery that will follow.  We’ll play an essential role in that recovery by doing what we do best – keeping our operations running safely, thoughtfully managing risk, and delivering the products that people around the world rely on.

Darren Woods

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods