2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting

On May 29, we hosted our virtual Annual Shareholder Meeting. Read the high-level summary of voting results.

“Our investors sent a powerful message that rules and value-creation matter. 

Their vote signals a belief that we are on the right track by overwhelmingly re-electing our directors and soundly defeating all four proposals that would have hampered our ability to create long-term value by providing the world with the energy and products it needs while investing billions to reduce carbon emissions in our own business and others’.

We expect the activist crowd will try and claim victory on today’s vote, but common sense should tell you otherwise in light of the large margin of the loss. 

We look forward to continuing our ongoing extensive shareholder engagement as we work to solve the ‘and’ equation – growing supplies of affordable energy and products and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”  

Darren Woods
ExxonMobil Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  1. 3.3 billion shares represented at this meeting – equates to approximately 84% of outstanding shares entitled to vote.
  2. On average 95% of the votes cast were voted to elect, as Directors, the 12 nominees listed in the proxy statement. Director support ranged from 87% to 98%. Support last year ranged from 91% to 99% with an average support of 96%.
  3. The resolution concerning the Ratification of Independent Auditors passed. Approximately 97% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it. This is consistent with last year’s support.
  4. The resolution concerning an Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation passed, with approximately 92% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it. This is higher than last year’s support of 91%.
  5. The proposal to Revisit Executive Pay Incentives for GHG Emission Reductions was not approved. Approximately 2% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it.
  6. The proposal for an Additional Pay Report on Gender and Racial Basis was not approved. Approximately 20% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it.
  7. The proposal calling for a Report on Plastic Production Under the SCS Scenario was not approved. Approximately 21% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it. This is lower than last year’s support of 25%.
  8. Finally, the proposal for an Additional Social Impact Report was not approved. Approximately 7% of the shares voting thereon voted FOR it. This is lower than last year’s support of 17%.

Voting results

 Director  Total votes (M)  Total % For 
   For      Against  
 1.  Angelakis   2561.4  86.0  96.8 
 2.  Braly   2504.9  143.4  94.6 
 3.  Goff   2553.1  94.6  96.4 
 4.  Harris   2574.3  73.0  97.2 
 5.  Hietala   2560.1  87.5  96.7 
 6.  Hooley   2305.3  340.7  87.1 
 7.  Kandarian   2554.4  92.9  96.5 
 8.  Karsner   2526.0   121.3   95.4 
 9.  Kellner   2549.2   97.8   96.3 
 10. Powell McCormick     2606.6   41.1   98.4 
 11. Ubben   2533.2   113.9   95.7 
 12. Woods   2425.1   223.0   91.6 
 Average  95.2 

Form 8-k

Additional information about the meeting can be found here.

Watch the video below to see how we're delivering for our customers, shareholders and for society.

Original article published on May 29, 2024. Updated on May 31, 2024.


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