A rising India's energy future

As India Energy Week approaches, we sat down with ExxonMobil’s India Lead Country Manager Monte Dobson to discuss the country’s energy future.

India is forecast to account for 30% of global energy demand growth to 2035. Much of this will be driven by the nation’s middle class, expected to expand from 432 million in 2020 to 715 million by 2030. So what can India do differently to power this growth, and who can help?

Answering this is a key focus of India Energy Week (IEW), the country’s largest energy event, held February 6–9, 2024. With more than 35,000 attendees set to participate, IEW seeks to understand how India’s energy needs and usage is changing and the optimum pathways to provide secure, affordable, and low-emission energy to a fast-growing nation.

Hear ExxonMobil’s India Lead Country Manager Monte Dobson’s insights on the country’s rapidly evolving energy landscape and ExxonMobil’s role in supporting India’s growth.