Our ExxonMobil culture

In ExxonMobil Prague we care about our employees, the community we live in and the environment around us.

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Our ExxonMobil culture


The health and wellbeing of the employees is our first priority. We focus on raising awareness of safety, health and wellness through various programs, initiatives and workshops available for all employees.

To keep employees fit and healthy, we offer programs such as Fit Stop (an exercise program conducted by professional fitness trainers who visit all office floors once per day), Massage Program (onsite massage sessions available for all employees) or Fruit Stop (daily fresh fruit delivery around the office).

Employees can join various special networks and groups that sponsor a range of company initiatives: Women’s Interest Network (WIN), PRIDE, Toastmasters and Inclusion & Diversity, to give some examples. Moreover the ExxonMobil Prague Social Club organizes social, charitable, sports and cultural events for its members.

As we have a large number of parents amongst our employees and almost 250 parents on leave, we have recently introduced the role of Family Advisor. It provides advisory services and support in various family related areas such as parental leave, back-to-work management, allowances and family legislation regulations, local educational system, taxes and social/health insurance related to parenting. We support early return to work following maternity and parental leave through a tailored Childcare Support Program.


We believe that well-designed charitable programs contribute to the success of our company by raising the standard of living and the stability of the communities we work and live in. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs focus on long term relationships with various non-profit organization in the area of health, education and the environment. We are helping those through donations, promoting their initiatives and ensuring two-way co-operation between the organizations and our employees who help by volunteering. We also invite selected NGOs to educate us in the areas of their expertise. Our employees enjoy giving back to the community through these various initiatives.

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every single person and business, and non-governmental organizations are no exceptions. Therefore, we continue supporting our long term partners, especially in these challenging times. Our employees have voluntarily contributed 146 150 CZK to 5 of the selected non-profit organizations. ExxonMobil will not only match but also increase this amount to 330 000 CZK. Our joint efforts will provide help to Aperio, Cesta domu, Locika, Socialni klinika and Sue Ryder.

Thank You for being our partner. It was really hard to gather all resources needed this year. The summer camp for disabled children and their families wouldn’t have happened without your help!
Marketa Sulcova

director of Zajicek na koni

We would like to express our gratitude for your continuous help and contributions that gave us a chance to improve workshops Boobs&Balls and Live with your Heart as well as to purchase new examination models.
Katerina Vackova

founder of Loono z.s.


The ExxonMobil Energy Saving Initiative (EESI) is intended to promote more environmentally friendly behaviors both in and out of the workplace. The group organizes a variety of workshops and activities relating to energy, sustainability and recycling

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