Our business operations

The ExxonMobil affiliate in Prague was established in 2004 and has grown into a mature organization with 1,200 employees supporting 158 countries in 23 different languages. 

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Our business operations

About our values

We are a global company caring about our employees and community, providing stability and enabling progress.

Our employees were asked about their values and what they appreciate the most about our company. The results were grouped in four main values:

The global environment we work in. 

Our employees have the opportunity to use many languages and be part of a truly multicultural environment. We are a real global organization. We work with nearly 150 countries, employ 80+ nationalities, run business in 23 languages, 51 percent of the Prague population are foreigners.

Employees appreciate:

  • Truly global organization
  • International project assignments
  • Cross-functional moves
  • Diverse workforce

The programs and benefits which clearly demonstrate our company cares about our lives and families.

ExxonMobil cares about its employees, about their health, families and communities. Employees can participate in number of events, presentations, workshops and development sessions in variety of site initiatives. Moreover, we can stretch every day during fit stops, get fresh fruits during winter months and enjoy a massage right in the office. After years of service we can go to sabbatical leave or be well supported before, during and after maternity and parental leave.

Employees appreciate:

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Adaptable workplace
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Commitment to Safety & Ergo
  • Dedicated Family Advisor

The stability and success of our company.

ExxonMobil is 135+ years in the Energy market, it is a long term oriented company which focuses on our employees to have a career not only a job. We opened the Prague affiliate 15 years ago and we currently have more than 1200 employees.

Employees appreciate our:

  • World renowned company
  • Reputation for reliability
  • Financial discipline, ethics and integrity
  • Well established affiliate

The company supports progress for the society and for us as employees through career and professional development.

The company progresses through employees’ contributions. The Prague affiliate plays a key role for the organization, customers and suppliers. Our employees can directly impact the business. The second aspect of progress is the personal and professional development. Our company offers a wide range of trainings and gives the opportunity to have a lot of “on the job” learning opportunities.

Employees appreciate:

  • Dynamic environment
  • Employee Initiatives
  • Career Development planning
  • Mentoring & Coaching program
  • Language Courses

ExxonMobil history highlights 

Over the last 135 years ExxonMobil has evolved from a regional marketer of kerosene in the U.S. to the largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the world. Today we operate in most of the world's countries and are best known by our familiar brand names: Exxon, Esso and Mobil. We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods.

Some key moments in the company’s history:

1870 – Rockefeller and his associates form the Standard Oil Company (Ohio), with combined facilities constituting the largest refining capacity of any single firm in the world. The name Standard is chosen to signify high, uniform quality.

1926 – Embodying the phonetic rendition of the initials ‘S’ and ‘O’ in Standard Oil, Jersey Standard brings out a new blend of fuel under the trade name Esso.

1991 – Esso & Mobil reestablished presence in Czechoslovakia

1999 – Exxon and Mobil join to form Exxon Mobil Corporation. “This merger will enhance our ability to be an effective global competitor in a volatile world economy and in an industry that is more and more competitive, ” said Lee Raymond and Lou Noto, chairmen and CEO of Exxon and Mobil, respectively.

ExxonMobil in Prague ribbon-cutting ceremony

ExxonMobil in Prague

Historically activities of the company were organized on a country-by-country basis. Centralized Business Support Centers were created in order to optimize processes with following organizational objectives:

  • Consistent implementation of standardized global processes 
  • Consolidation of work into a limited number of centers
  • Streamlined and process oriented organizations 
  • Leveraging global systems and global processes 
  • Efficient sharing and faster introduction of recognized best practices 
  • Structural improvement in overall competitive position 

Prague was selected as one of the locations to provide services to affiliates in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Selection criteria included competitive environment, language proficiency, availability of relevant skill set, government regulations and telecommunication infrastructure.

The affiliate in Prague was opened in 2004 with 56 employees and since then has grown to some 1200 employees, spread across Fuels & Lubricants, Logistics, Marketing Analysis and Technical Help Desk, Chemicals Customer Service, (part of) Fuels Marketing Customer Service, Downstream Credit, Procurement, Payables and local Services groups (HR, Facilities, IT, Legal, Recruitment).

Our departments

Accounts Payable

The objective of Accounts Payable is to process payment documents in a timely, accurate and cost efficient manner in a well-controlled environment. This department has made a significant progress in the past years. Focus on Automation and Robotics enabled implementation of innovative processes and tools. The team covers a variety of activities from processing requests through development and testing of new tools to their implementation. Accounts Payable has grown in skills and expertise, and has built a reputation as an organization with global reach that successfully maintains strong client relationships while supporting ExxonMobil activity across four continents.

Pavel Hula, Payables Supervisor, 2 years at ExxonMobil
"What I like the most about working in Payables are both opportunities and challenges that allow me to develop my skills and discover my capabilities. I appreciate the freedom and trust to manage my daily tasks my way. This encourages me to come up with new ideas to make things differently. If the ideas are good, they are highly valued. To point out some extraordinary opportunities: I have visited 3 countries in South America since I joined the company as a Troubleshooter 1.5 years ago."
Pavel Hula, payables supervisor, Prague


The Chemicals department consists of Customer Service, Supply Chain, and DAS.

Customer Service Professionals take care of a dedicated portfolio of customers throughout the whole order to cash process and cooperate with other groups in the Chemicals Company – marketing, manufacturing, sales and business developers, technology, and supply chain. In the past few years, they have grown in expertise and have become highly-trusted advisors to the business.

Supply Chain is a fast growing team supporting our global operations in logistics, marine transport, distribution, and planning. Our specialists maintain relationships with hauliers, warehouses, shipping lines, and freight forwarders. They manage inventories, supply constraints, and are involved in production planning.

DAS (Data, Analytics, Systems) is a global service organization which looks for synergies across the whole Corporation and thrives to support business growth projects. The team focuses on the tool enhancement projects (Salesforce application) and provides data analysis and troubleshooting.

Michaela Raiola, Supply Chain Supervisor, 7 years at ExxonMobil
"In the past 4 years I have exchanged 3 positions in Chemicals, the fastest growing department in ExxonMobil Prague. My team is implementing a new Operations Hub to enable business growth and bring new and more specialized positions to ExxonMobil Prague. This will support the Chemicals vision and contribute to doubling earnings by 2025. I have really enjoyed moving within the company and learning something new every day."

Fuels & Lubricants

Our team manages the Order to Cash process in coordination with a number of connected stakeholders. It handles everything from customer communication and administration, order placing, billing, payment collection, and delivery management worldwide. Our fuels and lubricants are used in plane engines in the sky, ship engines on the seas, as well as in motor vehicles and wind turbines on the ground. We serve 50+ countries in 13 languages. Our Fuels & Lubricants organization understands a lot about managing complexity and diversity.

The Technical Help Desk team is designed to provide fast and professional responses to technical queries about Automotive, Industrial, Marine, and Aviation lubricants received from our customers, distributors and our own Sales department. It is a high-tech group with industry-leading know-how.

Petr Patocka, Continuous Improvement Coordinator, 8 years at ExxonMobil
"It is impressive to discover the world of petrochemical products from other than a pure consumer perspective. In a world where we are constantly being told oil & gas business has to evolve or it will face extinction because the reserves will dry out, I witness how a giant, such as ExxonMobil, manufactures first class products and at the same time looks for innovative solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment. I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the real world of oil & gas which brings both power to the world economics and innovations to preserve our fast growing society. I am proud I can contribute to that success."
Petr Patocka, continuous improvement coordinator, Prague

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is divided in Business HR, Recruitment and Learning teams. Business HR Advisors are true experts in the area of employee development, policies, and programs. They deliver trainings, facilitate worshops on team effectiveness, leadership, change management and much more.

Our recruiters attract and hire talents from around the world for 8 European affiliates. They are specialists in social media and employer branding. The team organizes a variety of marketing events and campaigns every year.

Our Learning Organization is responsible for training our local resources from newcomer onboarding to ongoing learning and development.  They also participate in global training programs and implementation.

Veronika Renner, Recruitment Consultant Europe, 3 years at ExxonMobil
"It is exciting to work in Recruitment nowadays — the local market has turned to global market, candidates are not worried to decline an offer or leave a company when not happy, social media are expanding and HR technology is moving very quickly. I enjoy the challenge and constant need for development to master consulting, sales, and marketing skills."
Veronika Renner, recruitment consultant Europe, Prague


Our Procurement center is the largest Procurement operation of any company in the Czech Republic. Procurement professionals purchase goods and services for various production sites and business lines across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They serve 103 countries in 13 languages and take care of wide variety of products from stationery all the way to drilling machines. Excellent negotiation and relationship-building skills with internal and external clients are the core development skills for Procurement employees.

Alessandro Ceccarelli, Procurement Supervisor, 11 years at ExxonMobil
"As a Procurement leader I have the privilege of working with incredibly gifted individuals and to be responsible for their professional growth. I coach them to fully develop their potential so that they can influence the company's future commercial strategies. Working in ExxonMobil for me has always been working with people and for people."


The Treasurer´s department consists of two teams – Credit and Cash Management.

The Credit team is supporting the Corporation’s Downstream, Chemicals and Upstream activities by providing advisory services in line with Business strategy through financial risk assessment, exposure limit setting, and stewardship of credit and collection performance. We work closely with our Business partners worldwide to capture new opportunities and maximize the expected value of sales by balancing reward and risk, minimizing credit impacts on customers, and supporting timely collection of outstanding receivables.

The Cash Management team is responsible for effectively managing cash of the Corporation. The main activities include cash forecasting, ensuring adequate liquidity on corporate as well as affiliate level, FX trading and investment of surplus cash, handling of important transactions such as dividends and loan repayments, management of bank account structures for affiliates and relationship management with major banks.

Dalibor Kanok, Credit Manager, 10 years at ExxonMobil
"It is a great feeling to be part of a global team that safeguards the Corporation’s investment in Accounts Receivables worth of $16G. With that amount you could match annual GDP of Iceland or run government budget of Czech Republic for almost three months! Our team of ~80 individuals provides advisory services to the Sales organization by evaluating thousands of customers in hundreds of industries ranging from Air Transportation to Well Drilling. I have learnt a lot about different industries, geographies, cultures and myself as well. It is exciting to realize that ExxonMobil´s products satisfy energy demand for people from Anchorage to Kamchatka and I am proud to be part of it."
Dalibor Kanok, credit manager, Prague

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