ExxonMobil Celebrates 110 Years in Brazil With A Video Clip And Actions To Commemorate "The Beginning Of a Big Story"

Rio de Janeiro, 17 January, 2022 – In January 17, ExxonMobil celebrates 110 years in Brazil. 11 decades of an important legacy and pioneer history in Brazilian land, sky and sea. The trajectory in country started in 1912, when, still under the name Standard Oil Company of Brazil, it was the first oil and gas company to be installed in national territory.

Jan. 17, 2022

  • The company launches video clip that tells its relation with the country 
  • Commemorative initiatives will happen throughout 2022

Among its important achievements in country, ExxonMobil was the first to distribute gasoline and kerosene, install the first street pumps, build the first tanker truck and supply the first Brazilian commercial aircrafts.

To celebrate this moment, ExxonMobil Brazil created a 110 Year video clip with a theme song and posted it on its social media networks. The video covers the company’s history and its relations with the country. In February, a monthly series will be posted on its social media networks with curiosities of each decade from 1910 to 2020. Important achievements, characters and curiosities will be present. Besides, the affiliate is preparing many other initiatives to commemorate throughout the year.

“Over the last 11 decades, our operations in Brazil have evolved over time, adapting to different scenarios and adjusting to the needs of the business and society. Our relationship with the country and the more than 2,000 employees located in the Curitiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices demonstrate our long-term commitment in Brazil. We are extremely proud of these 110 years of history”, said Juan Lessmann, Lead Country Manager of ExxonMobil Brazil.

Currently, the Brazilian ExxonMobil affiliate has more than 2,000 employees distributed in the areas of Upstream, in Rio de Janeiro; Chemicals, in São Paulo; and a Global Business Center, in Curitiba. In Upstream, ExxonMobil has participation in 28 deep water blocks and operates 17 of these assets. The company is the largest area holder among international operators in Brazil, with approximately 2.57 million net acres, the equivalent of 60% of its usable area. In recent years, US$ 4 billion have been invested in the acquisition of these assets.


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