Inclusion and Diversity

ExxonMobil values the diversity of ideas, perspectives, skills, knowledge and cultures. A plural and inclusive work environment enables innovation and is a key competitive advantage.


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Inclusion and Diversity

Global Diversity Framework

Through a range of programs, activities and investments, we strive to create and maintain a diverse workforce representative of the numerous geographies where we have business. Our Global Diversity Framework is the foundation for this approach, with three interrelated objectives:

  • Attract, develop and retain a premier workforce, from the broadest possible pool, to meet our business needs worldwide;
  • Actively foster a productive work environment where individual and cultural differences are respected and valued, and where all employees are encouraged to contribute fully to the achievement of superior business results;
  • Identify and develop leadership capabilities to excel in a variety of international and cultural environments.


ExxonMobil’s global policies diversity and inclusion promote and prohibit any kind of discrimination or harassment in any company workplace  These broad policies cover all kinds of discrimination.


We support global and Brazilian employee networks to foster an environment committed to diversity and inclusion. These voluntary employee-led groups offer networking, professional development programs, community service, and mentorships to new employees.


PRIDE – People for Respect, Inclusion and Diversity of Employees

PRIDE exists to positively impact Inclusion and Diversity to leverage business at ExxonMobil by advocating LGBTQIA+ equity. Our mission is to support our employees and allies, and to encourage awareness and consciousness of diversity and inclusion issues around sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in the workplace.

WIN - Women's Interest Network
WIN’s mission is to facilitate the professional evolution and personal growth of all women at ExxonMobil. We have developed a program to understand what women are looking for, both professionally and personally, and also to continue developing skills to have more career opportunities.
BEST – Black Employee Success Team
Our mission is to serve as a support organization that provides mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities to enhance the personal and professional development of black employees and further the business objectives of ExxonMobil.

Curitiba (Brazil)

All For One

The All For One collaborates with social differences reduction and the increase of diversity, by including people with physical and mental restrictions through the “Minor Apprentices Program”. The objective is to provide students, monitored by their mentors, with practical training in administrative activities, which provides personal and professional development.

Belong is a way to nurture the feeling of belonging and thus share common interests and aspirations. The objective is to allow members to feel part of a single community that nurtures creativity while leveraging individual qualities, awakening empathy and generating positive results for all.