Article Nov. 27, 2018


Production and handling

Gindungo crude is produced offshore in Angola. Production began July 27, 2018 and is expected to produce ~115kbd. Total is the operator with 30% interest. Its partners are Sonangol (30%), Sonangol Sinopec International (20%), ExxonMobil (15%) and GALP (5%).  Nominal parcel size ranges between 902.5 – 997.5 KB with a 2 day lifting period. 

Load Port Data

The crude is loaded at the Kaombo Norte FPSO Terminal, (07° 14’07’’ South ;  011°17’20’’ East). 

  • Max summer DWT 350,000 MT
  • Max draft (N/A) metres
  • Nominal loading rate 7,100 m3/hr


Gindungo crude is a non-acidic, light to medium low sulphur crude. It contains 19% of full range naphtha and 32% of middle distillate along with a 18% yield of vacuum residue.

  • Gravity (API) 32.3
  • Sulfur 0.56%


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