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Advise on complex issues facing the energy industry.

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Legal considerations impact every aspect of our work, from intellectual property to commercial transactions and contract negotiations. Our Law department assesses risks and provides legal and policy insights to ensure ExxonMobil’s success. They also advise on complex issues facing the energy industry, and develop solutions for global business lines.

At ExxonMobil, we believe in personalized career growth—your first job role is just a starting point for your professional future. Review the featured job families below to see how you may chart your own career path.


Our lawyers foster a collaborative environment with clients and colleagues to oversee local and global legal issues. They advocate on behalf of the ExxonMobil client before courts, tribunals or administrative authorities, and further represent the client in proceedings such as settlement hearings, mediation and arbitration. Additionally, ExxonMobil lawyers advise clients regarding legal rights and obligations. Example roles: Commercial Lawyer, Dispute Lawyer, Intellectual Property and Shared Services Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Law Manager, Operations Lawyer, Regulatory/Compliance Lawyer, Trademark Lawyer


Help shape legal solutions for our global businesses. The Paralegal group assists attorneys in preparing and drafting documents, conducting research, and gathering facts and other information related to the legal matters of the Corporation. They also support attorneys in preparation for legal matters before courts, tribunals or administrative authorities and other proceedings such as settlement hearings, mediation and arbitration.
Example roles: Dispute Paralegal, General Paralegal, Intellectual Property Paralegal, Regulatory/Compliance Paralegal

Law Support Services

Our biggest legal decisions require foundational efforts from a team of experts. The Law Support Services group provides worldwide law business services—managers, invoicing and payroll analysts, accounting analysts, system & controls analysts—as well as unique administrative assistant roles.
Example roles: Accounting Analyst, Corporate Secretary/Specialist, Dispute Legal Assistant, Invoicing and Payroll Analyst, IP Legal Assistant/Manager/Supervisor/Lead, Special Handling Docket Office Assistant, Systems and Control Analyst

Ideal candidate

Ideal for people who pride themselves on advising others, consider themselves policy experts with an interest in ever changing relevant laws and litigation.

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