Sarah Klepper, Senior Maintenance Superintendent

ExxonMobil’s LaBarge facility in Wyoming currently captures more carbon dioxide emissions than any industrial facility in the world. The technology being deployed here can be scaled around the world to help society reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In this series, we will meet some of the LaBarge team and learn about the roles they’re playing in the energy transition to a lower-emission future.

Oct. 19, 2022

Sarah Klepper is helping to bring lower-emission technologies to LaBarge. As senior maintenance superintendent, she manages the team that builds out and operates the equipment at the facility. With a background in global project design and project planning, and a degree in chemical engineering, Sarah combines her deep knowledge of facility operations with proven technologies like carbon capture.

We spoke with Sarah to find out how her work at LaBarge is helping advance society’s net-zero ambition.

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Ask a carbon capture expert: Dr. Prasanna Joshi

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is considered essential to lowering carbon dioxide emissions from industries such as steel, cement, chemicals, and power generation. The vice president for Low Carbon Solutions technologies, Dr. Prasanna Joshi, explains the basics of this proven technology and how ExxonMobil is helping companies implement CCS at scale.

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Low-carbon hydrogen: Fueling our Baytown facilities and our net-zero ambition

Low-carbon hydrogen: Fueling our Baytown facilities and our net-zero ambition

Today we announced an exciting initiative as part of ExxonMobil’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations in support of our net-zero 2050 ambition.

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Labarge: Helium explained

Labarge: Helium explained

While helium helps make party balloons lighter than air, it’s also a critical element for many advanced technologies, like MRIs for healthcare, rockets for space exploration, and microchips for advanced computing.

Few places are as essential to meeting the demand for helium as ExxonMobil’s LaBarge facility in Wyoming, which provides 20% of the world’s supply. With an estimated eight decades worth of helium left to produce there, LaBarge is poised to play a significant role through the end of this century.

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