Singapore employee benefits

We know that life happens. ExxonMobil offers benefits and policies to cover every situation. That means world-class compensation and benefits, built on our core categories of health, security, finance, and life.

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Singapore employee benefits



Employees and their eligible family members receive coverage for outpatient, inpatient, and maternity medical services.


ExxonMobil assists employees in covering payments for dental treatments.


New employees are automatically enrolled in our Permanent Disability and Survivor Benefit Plan.


Long-term savings plan allowance (LTSA)

Our LTSA enables employees to prepare for the future by building their savings today.


Vacation / paid time off

At ExxonMobil, employees begin with 15 paid days off, or 11 days off for those who work 12-hour shifts. Employees receive more paid vacation days the longer they work with us.

Flexible work

We understand that life happens. Depending on the circumstances, employees have the flexibility to take paid or unpaid leave.

Parental paid time off

All employees receive additional paid time off to bond with their new family member.

Leave of absence

Our commitment to flexibility extends into our Leave of Absence policy. Employees have the opportunity to receive extended time off for extended childcare, marriage of employee’s child, family death, and military service.

Education assistance program

Our commitment to continual learning is why we have one of the most skilled workforces in the world. Employees are reimbursed over the course of their career for eligible tuition, fees, and books at accredited learning institutions, to maintain or improve job skills.

Additional life benefits

Employee recognition program

We recognize employees for achievement of certain service milestones during their career and at retirement. To show our appreciation, this recognition may include extra compensation or benefits.

Home ownership / improvement assistance

A healthy workplace starts at home. We offer a plan to assist employees with buying their first home.