Canada employee benefits

We know that life happens. ExxonMobil offers benefits and policies to cover every situation. That means world-class compensation and benefits, built on our core categories of health, security, finance, and life.

Core categories

Canada employee benefits



Employees may select from a range of basic to comprehensive plans designed to meet your specific medical needs while also remaining cost-effective. Plan options may include telemedicine, second opinion services, enhanced fertility benefits and special needs benefits.


Provides supplemental coverage to provincial government plans. Employees can select from several coverage level options.

Culture of Health

We provide any-time health support to our employees. Access tools and resources to help manage your health, including education, coaching and personalized health assessments. Some programs provide savings on medical insurance.


Life insurance

Basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance is provided at no cost to employees, and enrollment is automatic. Several other options are available for enrollment at any time.

Disability leave

Enrollment in disability—short term or long term—is automatic. Coverage is provided at no cost. The amount of pay reimbursement is based on the employee’s length of service and disability.


Savings plan

We offer many ways to secure your financial future through an array of investment options with varying objectives and degrees of risk. Employees choose to invest in these options on a pre-tax, after-tax, or a combination after one year of service. The Company offers matching for employees who contribute at least 3% of their normal earnings.

Pension plan

We’re proud to offer our employees a lifetime monthly retirement benefit at no cost. Your defined benefit pension is vested immediately, except in provinces where there may be a two year vesting period (New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI and Saskatchewan). To be a retiree, employees must have at least 10 years of service and leave the company on or after age 55.


Earned days off

New employees receive three weeks paid vacation (in addition to recognized holidays), and earn more the longer they work with us. By 25 years of service, employees have 6 weeks of vacation.

Workplace flexibility

We understand that life happens. Employees are encouraged to address acute needs by adjusting their work environment and schedule as business allows. Whether it’s providing urgent care for a family member, visiting a doctor, or simply requiring a quiet day at home, employee needs at ExxonMobil are met with one of the most flexible work policies in the industry.

Parental leave

All employees are eligible for up to 78 weeks of continuous leave to bond with their new family member—whether birth or adoption.

Leave of absence

Our commitment to flexibility extends into our Leave of Absence policy. Employees have the opportunity to receive extended time off for personal or family needs, military service, or many other reasons.

Education refund program

Our commitment to continual learning is why we have one of the most skilled workforces in the world. Employees are reimbursed 100% of the costs of tuition, books and exam fees for eligible courses that maintain or improve job skills.

Additional life benefits

Higher education award

Children of employees who enroll in post-graduate studies are eligible to receive up to CAD 5,000 annually, for a maximum of CAD 20,000 per child.