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Beaumont operations

ExxonMobil’s Beaumont refining facilities have grown into an integrated petrochemical complex that today supports the energy needs of our nation and the world.

Each year, we pay more than $50 million in local taxes, and are the largest contributor to educating Beaumont public schools. In the Beaumont area, our operations generate

1 out of 7 jobs.

ExxonMobil and its employees donated

$1 million

to the United Way of Beaumont and North Jefferson in 2017 and the Beaumont complex is an active contributor.

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Cogeneration Plant, Beaumont, Texas

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We work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers, follow through on our commitment to safety and continually engage partners in the Beaumont community.

Get updates about planned maintenance and emergencies, or contact us with immediate concerns at the following phone numbers:

Operational updates

Residents can call the Southeast Texas Alerting Network (STAN) toll-free at any time to listen to important alerts and notifications. You can also sign-up for alerts at www.thestan.com or 1-877-843-7826 (1-877-THE-STAN)

Beaumont operations