Local content efforts

Using a multi-tiered approach, we focus on building workforce and supplier capabilities in conjunction with strategic investments in the local community. At ExxonMobil Guyana, this approach is called Local Content.

Article Nov. 13, 2019

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Local content efforts

Workforce development

The employment of Nationals is key to ExxonMobil Guyana’s strategy of local content development.

Our strategy to develop a diverse and talented workforce has two components; the recruitment and development of Guyanese personnel who can play a role in our local operations, and the development of a global pool of talent capable of meeting our future business needs wherever we operate.

We apply global principles, proven training curriculum, best practices, operational excellence and leading technology to local challenges when developing our workforce. The company understands the importance of career development for our employees. We provide assignments and training to create the experience and develop the skills needed to enable employees to have rewarding careers.

Global operations skills training for employees includes:

  • Ethical business conduct
  • Safety, security, health and environment
  • Leadership and management programs
  • Fundamentals of oil and gas
  • Technical training
  • Design- and facility-specific vendor training

In conjunction with our Prime Contractors, we are providing Guyanese personnel with technical and professional skills they need for existing and future operations. 

Learn more about careers at ExxonMobil Guyana.

Supplier development

Local suppliers are strategically important to the success of our operations. We are committed to working with them, and other stakeholders, to develop local companies and a competitive industrial base.

ExxonMobil Guyana has established the Centre for Local Business Development. The Centre provides a space for local firms to learn about opportunities in the oil and gas sector, strengthen their competitiveness, and prepare to supply the oil and gas sector with various services. They maintain an interactive database which is used by our Prime Contractors to post tendering opportunities and to identify possible suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to potentially participate in ExxonMobil Guyana activities. The Centre is also utilized by international companies looking for potential local partnerships.

ExxonMobil Guyana will favor suppliers and contractors that are able to effectively support the following project objectives, in order of priority:

  • Safety and health: Provide for the safety and health of all personnel involved in the Project and the safe operation of the completed facilities to achieve zero lost-time incidents.
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance: Conduct all activities and operations in full compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • Quality: Ensure that quality during design, engineering, fabrication and construction is consistent with best international petroleum industry practices and applicable standards.
  • Maximize effectiveness and control cost: Commitment to the success of the Project by optimizing investment and operating cost while maximizing and accelerating revenue.
  • Business practices: Comply with generally recognized business standards, and exhibit fairness and consistency in contractor selection, bid evaluation and contract award process.
  • Achieve scheduled completion: Opportunities to capture and retain schedule advantage.

To express interest in potentially becoming a supplier click here to register.

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