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Biomedical Sciences: Protecting people and the planet

At ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc. (EMBSI), our mission is to understand, research, and develop health, environmental, and product safety options and solutions for our company and the communities we serve.

Commitment to science

Our history and our team

The mission of EMBSI is one that stretches back over six decades. Our team of scientists in diverse fields like epidemiology, toxicology, and environmental sciences serve as in-house experts to support ExxonMobil in meeting the world’s energy needs while keeping people and the planet safe. We opened our first facility dedicated to environmental health research in 1980. Since then, we’ve seen our work make an impact both close to home and around the world, including the development of new methods for health and environmental safety assessments.  In addition to helping shape corporate policy and product development at ExxonMobil, we take pride in sharing our research with the global scientific community.


safety data sheets in 58 languages developed by EMBSI’s product safety specialists.


scientific publications authored by EMBSI scientists since 2010.


human health, environmental, and product stewardship experts and support staff make up our global EMBSI team.

We rigorously pursue knowledge to protect and enhance the health of our workers, customers, and the communities where we operate.

Jennifer Shin, Exposure Sciences Research Associate, EMBSI

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Methods and technology

Identifying and managing risk

The multi-faceted research we do at EMBSI directly informs operations and processes at ExxonMobil and regulatory policy around the world. Our diverse team of scientists is engaged in multiple research areas.  Among them are tracking health trends for our workforce, research and development of new assessment methods for toxicity testing, and in our environmental lab, characterizing how petrochemicals interact with various ecosystems. (Read more about these initiatives below.) EMBSI also oversees toxicity testing associated with product registration, develops safety information to support the safe use of our products and conducts evidence-based risk assessments.

Key initiatives

  • Our environmental scientists study how petrochemicals interact with diverse ecosystems, from aquatic environments to terrestrial ones.

  • EMBSI scientists are working to develop new laboratory assessment methods to reduce the reliance on animal testing.

  • Our Health Status Registry conducts long-term health studies of every person that has worked at ExxonMobil in the U.S. These health studies, conducted by EMBSI, and their outcomes are regularly reviewed by an ethics oversight board.