Energy and health care are two sides of the same coin

Energy and health care are two sides of the same coin, and every day ExxonMobil manufactures essential products that help protect nurses, doctors and patients.

Energy & healthcare supply chain: Working together to help protect nurses, doctors and patients

Heads or tails, each side of the same coin is completely different – but impossible to separate.

With health care and energy, two distinct industries, the former couldn’t exist in its current form without the latter. Every day, researchers and scientists at ExxonMobil transform oil and natural gas the company produces into essential solutions for the health care industry.

That healthcare supply chain really starts in places like Baton Rouge, where ExxonMobil converts oil and gas into isopropyl alcohol (IPA), a critical ingredient used to make FDA-approved sanitizers. Further west, in Texas’ Gulf Coast, ExxonMobil’s chemical plant in Baytown transforms that same oil and gas feedstock into the advanced polymers that go into medical equipment including face masks, surgical gowns and IV bags.

IPA and performance polymers are essential solutions that support crucial health care needs. IPA does that by efficiently breaking down bonds that hold viruses together, eliminating those viruses on contact. Meanwhile, performance polymers help make face masks resilient, pliable and breathable, and surgical gowns comfortable and protective.

Energy and health care are two sides of the same coin working together for a better, healthier outcome.