Exploring the Land of Enchantment

  • 350 ExxonMobil Employees & Contractors
  • $1.3M invested in community giving in 2022
  • 75% reduction in Permian Basin flaring between 2019 and 2021
  • Nearly 274,000 Oil Equivalent Barrels produced every day

What comes to mind when you hear New Mexico? Maybe it’s the food? The culture? The art? Or maybe even the largest balloon festival in the world.

But did you know New Mexico is also home to significant oil and natural gas resources? We’ve been actively exploring and producing there for several decades.


Learn more about our role in New Mexico’s energy landscape:

Our responsible development of the area’s oil and natural gas resources is expected to generate billions in community economic benefits over the next 40 years.

We’re mitigating methane emissions using advanced technologies like ground-based sensors, optical gas imaging cameras and aerial flyovers.

We plan to achieve net zero in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions from our operated unconventional assets in the state by 2030.

We support a variety of cultural and philanthropic initiatives.

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Certified gas pilot to help our customers meet environmental goals

Certified gas pilot to help our customers meet environmental goals

The methane landscape has evolved rapidly and considerably since ExxonMobil announced our enhanced voluntary methane emissions mitigation program nearly four years ago.
Our purpose in the Permian

Our purpose in the Permian

Oil and natural gas are fundamental to modern life, from heating homes and filling gas tanks to generating electricity and providing the chemical building blocks for plastics. As one of the most active operators across the Permian Basin – a vast area roughly the size of Kansas that's spread across southwest Texas and southeast New Mexico – ExxonMobil is working to increase global energy supplies at a time when demand for reliable energy is growing.
Diversity of supply - your key to energy security

Diversity of supply - your key to energy security

  • A diversified energy portfolio is essential to ensuring energy security.
  • Diversity of sources and supplies offers insurance against supply disruptions and other hazards.
  • Asia's recent embrace of LNG provides a security roadmap other regions should follow.